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Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

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Gone are the days when funny wedding cake toppers are just decorating items on top of the cake. The cake topper is now becoming something as important as the cake itself. From the figurines of the bride and groom to the funny fishing cake toppers; these incredibly funny wedding cake toppers from different themes are for you to choose from.

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Funny wedding cake toppers bride and groom

The bride and groom cake topper is one of the most traditional cake décors. It tops the towering multi-tier cakes with a delicate finish. A cute example of a funny wedding cake toppers bride and groom is where both figurines rush to the altar as if they are late. Another cute topper is the bride and groom holding a basketball and ready to play the game. These are specific themes that perhaps couples with a love of sports could use on their wedding cakes.

Funny fishing wedding cake toppers

If you want to upgrade your cake topper, this cook fishing wedding cake topper is a must! Some of the funniest cake toppers include the bride and groom in a boat ready to catch fish in the ocean cake. Another gorgeous choice is a silhouette of the couple holding fishing equipment. There is also a hilarious cake topper that shows the bride fishing the groom, hooking the suit by the back. Even if you are not a fisherman, these cake toppers are worth placing on top of the wedding cake.

Funny wedding cake toppers game over

This is a comical cake topper that simply represents how the life of fun is over when you get married. Of course, it is just a funny wedding cake topper and not for real. This adds a fun touch to the wedding cake and it is also worth for keepsake. From the bride and groom riding a bicycle to the groom playing a video game with a screen pops the phrase ‘game over’ – these are romantic toppers in an amusing way.


There are many other popular items on wedding cake toppers that will surely represent your passion or interest. Whether it is comical or artistic, a cake topper will be the first thing every guest sees on your wedding cake. If you have a big budget, you can make custom portraits of you and your partner and have them as cake toppers. That would be a cute personalized décor for the sweet tooth.


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