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Do eyelashes grow back

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Eyelash extensions are a real find for girls. It does not require special care and helps to look chic at any time of the day. There are many types of eyelash extensions on the market today. But not everything is so simple. However, eyelash extensions are divided not only by type but also by curves and effects (cat, squirrel, fox, puppet, classic). Therefore, after using Eyelashes it makes you more attractive.


Features of eyelash extensions

The material for eyelash extensions is a synthetic substance that does not cause allergies. However, the shape of artificial hair is made close to natural ones. Therefore, the thickness of the cilia is greater than that of the natural one, which makes it stronger, the length is from 4 to 20 mm. Also, they are made in any colors, popular of which are black, brown, and gray.

Types of eyelashes

Do eyelashes grow back?

Eyelash extensions differ in the method and technique of execution, depending on the chosen type.

American extension

Hairs are glued one by one to each natural eyelash, silicone fibers are used in the work.

Japanese extension

The technique is the same as the American one, but materials such as silk, knee, sable, and mink are used.



The main difference is the composition of the glue, which consists of natural ingredients with the addition of vitamins and nutrients.

Volumetric method

The hairs are glued in several pieces on a natural eyelash. This creates volume and gives a theatrical look. We use artificial eyelashes from markets and mink, they are lighter and will not fall off from excess weight.

Extension types

  1. Incomplete extensions are to correct defects in natural eyelashes. Therefore, the procedure consists of alternating and adding cilia to the corners of the eyes. For even color, the eyelashes are dyed.
  2. Full-extension in which artificial hair is attached to each natural eyelash.


There is a difference in extension technology:


Sequential gluing of hairs one at a time is a painstaking procedure requiring an experienced master. However, it helps to create the effect of naturalness and give expressiveness to the look.


It is simple, quick to perform, and does not harm nature Do eyelashes grow back? This type is for special occasions, after which they remove the item. Therefore, the hairs are glued in small bundles of 3-4 pieces, thereby creating a large volume. By adjusting their number,  you can achieve the desired result.

Use materials and glue

Eyelash extension materials are made from synthetic materials since the use of natural materials can lead to an allergic reaction.

There are such types:


It is closely related to natural eyelashes in terms of perception and density.


It is suitable for creating voluminous results.


It differs in practicality and durability.


Thin hairs are suitable for short and sparse eyelashes. Therefore, it is more durable than other types.



The hairs are similar to mink but differ in their gloss.

The following types of glue:


It is a viscous substance of black color.


The rubber powder is to the base and it dries quickly.

Based on soot

It is hypoallergenic and is suitable for sensitive skin.

Varieties of bends and sizes

Do eyelashes grow back?  is made from the same material but may differ in their bend:

  1. J is a weak curl and almost straight hair. It is suitable for maintaining naturalness.
  2. B is a light curl that is more natural and it is also suitable for a natural effect.
  3. C is a medium curl that creates the effect of an open eye while maintaining naturalness.
  4. D is a curl that creates the effect of long eyelashes.

The size of the cilia varies in length and diameter. Length varies from 6 to 16 mm, diameter – from 1 to 25 mm.

Advantages and disadvantages

Positive sides

  1. An attractive look, saving time on applying makeup and removing it.
  2. You can completely abandon the use of mascara.
  3. Opportunity to change your appearance.


  1. Washing the eyes will cause certain difficulties, it is better to resort to the help of tonics and thermal water.
  2. It will be more difficult to choose a mask or cream for the skin since products containing oil are often vulnerable.
  3. After removing the eyelashes, they seem dull and sparse.

Eyelash extension care

  1. During the day after the procedure, you can not wet and touch the eyelashes.
  2. For the first few days, refuse to visit the solarium or sauna, the elevated temperature can damage the mount.
  3. It is not recommended to use greasy creams and oils.
  4. You can not rub your eyes and touch the eyelids.
  5. You can not sleep with your face on the pillow – eyelashes can break.
  6. Facial makeup is removed with micellar water.
  7. Every morning you need to gently comb the cilia.

If the extended eyelashes have lost their original appearance or peeled off, you can carry out a correction. However, the first recovery procedure is usually done in a month. Because poorly fix cilia come off and space filled. Also, the maximum number of procedures cannot exceed four times. Therefore, after the cilia, a break is there for at least two weeks.

Best Do eyelashes grow back Extension


Eyelashes are exclusively from hypoallergenic fiber, which does not have irritation. Also, eyelash extensions feel warm all during wear, but at the same time, they look as natural as possible. However, they can wear them without taking off for a long time. Although they contain a significant percentage of silicone. Therefore, they do not break and retain their bend. So they easily return to their original position even after severe deformation.


Products retain their original shape for a very long time, so wearing such eyelashes is a pleasure. However, they do not break and retain their original shape. Also, it is easy to apply to the eyelids and is practical, and simple. However, the product range is very large. Though there are several types of bends, thicknesses, lengths, and so on. With such cilia, it will be possible to easily change the shape of the eyes, making them more attractive and bewitching.

Dolce Vita

They are made based on a unique high-strength elastic microfiber that can withstand even quite severe strength tests. Perhaps if a separate eyelash is strongly wrinkling, then in just a couple of seconds it will return to its original shape. In terms of their structure, such products are practically no different from real human cilia, it is characterized by a velvety base and excellent silkiness. Therefore, products come in lengths from 6 to 15 mm.

Loss of Cilia

The quick loss of cilia can occur for several reasons:

  1. Improper care.
  2. Mechanical damage.
  3. Oily skin of the eyelids.
  4. Weakened natural eyelashes.
  5. High rate of change of natural eyelashes, this process can take from 3 to 7 weeks.
  6. Wearing contact lenses.
  7. Inappropriate moments of life for cosmetic procedures – hormonal disruptions, menstruation, the period of bearing and feeding a child.
  8. Poor-quality material or glue is a violation of the methodology.

How to remove eyelash extension

Artificial eyelashes are available in several ways. However, it can remove with a special solution (remover), greasy cream, or oil. Also, the remover remains on the eyelid for 5-40 minutes, then the cilia are careful with tweezers. Of the oils, you can use castor and olive, a couple of drops to the eyelids, and leave overnight, by morning the eyelashes will easily go away. Therefore, you can use a greasy cream, preferably for children – it fits well in consistency and does not irritate.

However, the removal procedure can adversely affect native eyelashes and irritate eyelids and eyes. It is advisable to smear the eyelashes with castor oil.

Eyelash restoration after extension

  1. Use oils for recovery e.g castor, burdock, apricot, almond, wheat germ, and grape seed oil.
  2. Use masks based on oils with the addition of vitamin E and aloe compresses from a decoction of herbs of chamomile, calendula, and sage.
  3. Take vitamin complexes that contain vitamins of groups A, D, and E.
  4. Watch your diet, you can eat more fruits, vegetables, and legumes.
  5. It is better to refuse to use mascara, it can harm weekend hair.

Is eyelash extension worth it?

Women, increasing hair, eyelashes, and nails, add individuality to the image. However, a well-groom appearance has a positive effect on mood. Turning to the master, the conditions are:

  1. A few hours after the procedure, try not to wet your eyes – water, and moist air interfere with the polymerization of the glue. This can cause the shedding of cilia.
  2. You can’t sleep with your face on the pillow so that the hairs do not crumple and wipe on the pillowcase.
  3. Every morning after washing you need to comb with a brush – usually lash makers give them.
  4. Beauty is not eternal, you have to correct it.
  5. If the skin of the eyelids is oily, then the eyelashes will begin to fall off.
  6. Pregnancy, lactation, diabetes, recent use of hormones, treatment of cold or other ailments with an antibiotic – cilia may not take root.


How to Do eyelashes grow back at home

It’s no secret that every girl would like to always look stunning. However, far from all the fair sex, nature endows lush vegetation around the eyes. Therefore, adding artificial hairs to your own is a popular procedure among women. After all, many people want to be beautiful, and not all girls can afford the procedure in a beauty salon.


Do eyelashes grow back?

There are some things that you need to know when you should not use eyelashes to grow back. However, these things are present in the given below:

When you have a cold then you should not use eyelashes. Therefore, you should not use it if you have Eye diseases like dry eye syndrome, tearfulness, conjunctivitis, barley, purulent inflammation, and ciliary mite. Asthma is an attack that can occur from glue fumes. However, you should not use it if you have an allergy to eyelashes. Oncological diseases. Psoriasis, dermatitis.  Also, weak eyelashes are prone to falling out. Therefore, you should not use eyelashes in the presence of HIV infections, or syphilis. You should not use eyelashes during the period of taking strong drugs, or antibiotics. In the case of Pregnancy, breastfeeding period you should not use eyelashes.

Side effects

  1. If glue gets into the eyes, an inflammatory process or swelling may occur.
  2. The proximity of the tweezers to the eye can provoke the appearance of tearfulness, swelling, and redness.

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