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DIY Wedding Invitation

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DIY Wedding Invitation – If you want to have your own DIY wedding invitation for some budget reason or for something special that coming from your heart but doesn’t know how to start. I’ll help you make your DIY wedding invitation with the materials and resources you’ll need to create a personal wedding invitation for guests.

Tips to have your guests invited
  • You have to make sure the concept of your wedding theme. The DIY wedding invitation surely needs to match the theme. If your theme is conservative a high-quality paper with embossed printable paper will make the guests feel honored.
  • Budgeting your card. A DIY wedding doesn’t cost too much, but still, the question for wedding invitations such as the size of the card, are you gonna add envelope/postage for the card or do you want your invitation the be bold, how much ink will cover the paper is will determine your final cost for guests each card?
  • Scheduled the time. Designing, printing, assembling, addressing, and mailing need time more than you think. If you plan you’ll finish the work in 2 weeks, schedule it for a month. It an etiquette to mail your invitation 6-8 before the big day to guests. Leave them for a month to keep your wedding invitation in the guest’s mind.
  • Check your computer and be printer-friendly. You have to make sure that your own computer and printer working properly. A great design on the screen doesn’t always turn out true to what is going to print. Paper type may also effect color. You can often adjust the color balance before printing for guests.
  • Plan your ink usage. A design affects the usage of ink. If you have a limited budget, avoid designing with a full coloring background card for guests.
  • Play your wording. Make sure to use the word that presents both couples’ personalities.
  • Print then send it!

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