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Different kinds of eyeliner

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From pencils and fluids to cakes and gels, different kinds of eyeliner choices are unending. Superstar cosmetics craftsman Andrew Sotomayor clarifies the advantages of each, so you’ll know which to pick and how to apply it.

There are many eyeliners in the market today. Sadly for us, there is no supreme eyeliner out there, every one of them is for other purposes.

These are the ones we see most in the business. Most Common Eyeliners in the Cosmetic Industry Fluid eyeliners (brush tool)

Liquid eyeliner

One of the best (and trickiest) sorts of eyeliner to dominate is fluid. This liner style is planned with clear, extreme, durable shading as a primer

liquid eyeliner

concern, making it ideal for extreme emotional looks.


Nonetheless, it likewise requires a sensitive touch during application. (To nail the look, here’s the key to idealizing your fluid eyeliner procedure.) The liquid liner will in general dry rapidly, making it not so great for smeared and gentler looks.

There are two sorts of fluid liners. The first is the brush tip, which is great for scarce differences and accuracy. The second is the felt tip, which is marginally to apply and is ideal for making a feline eye impact.

Apply Liquid Eyeliner if you’re…

On the off chance that you haven’t had a lot of training with fluid eyeliner, never dread we’re here to remove the mystery from your eyeliner application. The accompanying method is great for amateurs or those with unstable hands, and functions admirably on monolith, round, and almond eye shapes.

  1. Start by resting your elbow on the arm you’ll use to apply your eyeliner on a level surface before a mirror.
  2. Hold the fluid eyeliner like a pencil, and anchor your pinky on your cheek-once more, this should be the pinky of your hand you’re utilizing to apply your eyeliner with.
  3. Look straight ahead, or slant your head back marginally and peer down at the mirror: whichever permits you the best perspective on your upper lash line.
  4. Begin by making little dabs or runs as near the lash line as could be expected, keeping the brush level with your eyes.
  5. When you get to the furthest limit of your upper lash line, proceed with the dabs at a slight point at the finish of your eyebrow, going to whatever extent you’d like.                                                                              Utilizing short, padded strokes interface these specks to make a slight wing. “I like to begin winging the liner just before I get to the furthest limit of the eye,” says Chinchilla.                                                           “Most eyes plunge toward the end, so it’s best not to follow the plunge with eyeliner.                                                                          However, there are no standards to where your wing should stop. Make it as short or long as you’d like. It’s best all the time to begin little, and graduate to more emotional liner looks.”

a Beginner

  1. If you have a monolith eye shape or not much eyelid space, start your wing from the base eyelashes all things considered.                          Work from the external edge of your lower lash line up towards the finish of your eyebrow, then, at that point, clear in to meet your upper lash line. Occupy in the vacant space, and you have an excellent realistic wing shape.
  2. Finish the look by applying eye shadow in a comparable shading to set the line, and put on mascara.

Gel or cream eyeliner

Maybe more than anything else, cream eyeliners offer an awesome answer for making a smoky eye look. This is because they’re intended for smearing and act in a manner that is like other cream-based kinds of cosmetics, for example, eye shadow.

gel or cream eye liner

Kohl eyeliner is regularly ordered as cream eyeliner and is a decent decision for applying straightforwardly to the waterline. To get the advantages of this kind of eyeliner with a recipe that is more averse to spread, attempt one of our picks beneath.

Step-by-step instructions to Apply Cream Eyeliner


  1. Dip the eye brush into the equation; twirl around delicately until the brush is soaked with shading.
  2. Swipe off any overabundance item on the top edge of the pot.
  3. Place spots along the top lash line from the internal corner towards the external corner of the eye and afterward come to an obvious conclusion.
  4. If wanted, apply on the lower lash line also.

Utilizing an engineered (talon) bristle brush functions admirably because the fiber doesn’t ingest the shading. We suggest either the Bent Eyeliner Brush, which considers a fine liner and dab application; or the Pro Flat Liner Brush for a tricky application.

Pencil eyeliner

Maybe the least difficult to utilize, pencil eyeliners are best for subtler looks and might be best for those new to eyeliner. As far as consistency, this sort of eyeliner addresses a hybrid of dry and smooth recipes, making application a breeze. Mechanical eyeliners additionally fall into the pencil class.

Different kinds of eyeliner

These are retractable adaptations of pencil eyeliner, which makes them advantageous and less inclined to break yet additionally more challenging to hone. While many pencil eyeliners are intended to be waterproof, they will generally be less enduring than fluid eyeliners.

Instructions to apply pencil eyeliner


Above all else, it’s essential to ensure you’re working with a honed eyeliner pencil. A dull point can make it hard to make exact, smooth lines! To hone your pencil eyeliner, all you want is to get a sharpener.

Step 1

Eyeliner sharpeners come in various sizes relying upon the eyeliner you are involved find one that is a counterpart for your pencil, and you should be all set.

The interaction is equivalent to honing a school pencil.

Place the tip in the opening and contort until it’s honed as you would prefer. There are likewise mechanical or retractable eyeliner pencils that just contort up. Assuming you disdain honing your eyeliner, this may be an ideal move for you.

Assuming you’re coating your upper cover, it’s essential to tenderly hold your skin so that it’s firm while you apply your pencil eyeliner. To do as such, put your pointer finger on the finish of your forehead and hold your skin rigid without pulling at your face.

Come to an obvious conclusion


Making a smooth, straight line can be scary, however, you don’t need to do it in one breath! All things considered, make a couple of spots along your lash line where you might want to apply your pencil eyeliner.

Then, at that point, draw an obvious conclusion gradually for an immaculate line. This is an idiot-proof technique for while you’re having a go at something a touch gutsier, similar to a wing!

 We prepare for touch-ups


No one’s ideal, and in any event, utilizing the spot technique above, you might commit an error or two while applying your pencil eyeliner. Fortunately, a touch of micelle water and a tip is all you want for any handy solutions. Dunk the tip in the L’Oréal Paris MI cellar Cleansing Water Complete Cleanser Waterproof – All Skin Types and wipe away any culpable smirches on a case-by-case basis.

 Line your waterline


Pencil eyeliner doesn’t need to be saved for your upper lash line. Indeed, it’s an extraordinary choice for covering your waterline. Utilize the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Last Waterproof, Up to 24HR Pencil Eyeliner in Nude to do exactly that. The bare shade will assist with making the presence of more brilliant and more extensive eyes.

 Set your line


The secret to expanding your pencil liner’s resilience? Setting it with a planning eye shadow. That is correct, very much like you set your face with a powder; utilizing eye shadow to set your liner will hold it back from blurring or smirching. Utilize a matte shadow and a slender, level eye shadow brush to press the eye shadow on top of your line.


Play with color


Who said you need to adhere to impartial eyeliner conceals? Trade out a conventional dark or earthy colored tone for a choice. Which is more out-of-the-container, similar to the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Last Waterproof. Up to 24HR Pencil Eyeliner in True Teal or Purple, to enliven your cosmetics look.

If you incline toward retractable pencils, similar to us referenced. You can likewise attempt the L’Oréal Paris Le Liner Signature Easy-Glide Mechanical Eyeliner, Waterproof in Blue Jersey or Violet Wool.

 Smear it out


For the simplest smoky look ever, pencil eyeliner is exactly what you want. Use it to line your lower lash line, then, at that point, before it dries. Take a q-tof or at the tip of your finger and delicately smear the line for a cleared-out impact.

 Tight line your upper lash line


Try not to want to wear recognizable eyeliner yet need to give your lashes an additional lift?

This will occupy any spaces between your lashes for in a split second more full

Kajal eyeliner

Different kinds of eyeliner

This eyeliner is additionally extraordinary for smoky eye looks. As they’re not difficult to mix (something incomprehensible with fluid or gel eyeliners).- looking periphery.

Method to apply kajal eyeliner


Start by applying the kajal to your lower waterline to make it more noticeable.

Start at the external corners to grant more obscure shading.

Women, the key to durable cosmetics is layering. Utilizing a sharp kajal pencil, begin coating your eyes from the external corner and deal with the inward corner.

Apply liberal coats relying upon how you like it so your eyes are distinct. For more modest eyes, center principally around the external corners. It in a flash opens up your eyes and makes them look greater.

Assuming you’re focusing on an inconspicuous Smokey-eye for that additional piece of refined dramatization. Always use a smirching brush to tenderly smear the kajal and smoke it out.


Through the article ‘different kinds of eyeliner, ‘readers will get knowledge about the best type of eyeliner. You will also learn the methods and steps to apply these all kinds of eyeliners.

Hope you will like it.


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