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Designer Wedding Shoes

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Designer Wedding Shoes – Best wedding shoes for the bride are a must. The beauty of the bride is not complete without her dream wedding shoes. That is why there is a big need and demand for wedding shoe design. The design itself might depend on the personal taste of the bride. Then the shoes will work to make it happen. Whether it is simple or glamorous, wedding shoes still can shine brightly.

To get your dream, you need to meet the right shoes. There are so many popular wedding shoe designers you can choose from. Every designer has their own style and preference. So to make your dream wedding shoes come true, you must find the right designer wedding shoes.

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Recommended Wedding Shoe Designer

As has been said before, if you want a specific wedding shoe design, you need to find the right designer. To find the one, of course, you need to know the signature line of the designer. These are some recommended wedding shoe designers who are popular with their designs. Their designs are not only good in eyes but also good in use. Feel free to know more about these designers and find your favorite one.


He is a footwear designer who is also a wedding shoe designer. His design has a signature line as red-soles shoes. The characteristic of his design is its elegance. Most of his designs are identical to their high heels. White and silver are the dominant color of the shoes. But of course, the red soles will never leave out.

Jimmy Choo

He is a wedding shoe designer with luxury characteristics. Most of his designs are decorated with crystals and beading. So, the price of the wedding shoes designed by him is a bit pricy than others. But you can trust the quality. It is expensive but it definitely gives you comfort for your wedding day.

Kurt Geiger

He is one of the footwear designers from the United Kingdom (UK). He is well known for his stiletto signature. So, most of the wedding shoes he designed to come out as chic pump designs. Wedding shoes from this designer also give sexy vibes and is already well known in the celebrity world.

Aruna Seth

She is a footwear designer also from the United Kingdom (UK). All of her designs are defined as simple and comfortable shoes. It mostly came out in a combination of white and nude colors. Besides that, her designs are unique with their ornament and style.

Benjamin Adams

Most of his designs are admitted comfortable to use by most users. So, for comfort needs, you can choose this designer.

Steps to Choose Designer for Your Dream Wedding Shoes

There are some steps to choosing a wedding shoe designer. Follow these steps and find the right designer.

  1. First, determine the materials of the shoes.
  2. Then, choose your kind of heels. The height and the board of heels. You should discuss the possibility of customizing the heels the way you want.
  • After that, choose your style and the details you want. Every wedding shoe designer has a unique design. So if their designs don’t match your imagination and need, then you can find another designer.
  • Next, you need to ask the wedding shoe designer about the weight of the shoes.
  • Lastly, try the wedding shoes and walk on them several times. Feel how your feet inside the shoes. If it is not comfortable enough, you need to point it out. Or, you will suffer on your wedding day because of the shoes.

After reading this, can you decide which wedding shoes would you pick? May it can help you greatly.

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