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If I told you that you could have any color of lipstick at the tip of your fingers with custom lipstick. You probably wouldn’t believe me. However, with YSL’s Rouge Sur Mesure custom lipstick printer, you can make over one thousand shades in just a few seconds.

When I first tried it, I thought the process would be tricky — but I was wrong. The setup process involves downloading an app and signing up. Once you’re set, the rest is pretty self-explanatory, all you need are your color cartridge trios (there are four to choose from: red, orange, pink, and nude).

Once you’re set up, there are three ways you can go about picking your shade. First, the app shows you suggested shades on models of different skin tones. Then, there’s a virtual try-on feature that allows you to preview what different colors would look like. You can pick the one you like. Finally, there’s a shade match set that allows users to snap a photo of their desired shade, and the app will find a close match that it can create for you.

Once you’ve decided on the shade you want, you put the cartridges in at the bottom of the device and, on your phone, tap where it reads “create.” Then, the device will start to hum as it pushes out the right amount of each cartridge. Once it’s out, all you have to do is mix it with the magnetic lip brush that rests on the back of the device and apply it.

Until now, I’d always had a lot of trouble finding a nude Custom Lipstick that didn’t wash me out. But on the first try, I got the most beautiful, flattering nude. What’s great about the app is that I was able to save the shade into a virtual “shade closet” that keeps your favorite color combos so you can quickly find them.


Bare Lipstick

Custom Lipstick

It’s convenient, too. The device has a magnetic compact where you can add extra formula in case you want to touch up your lip color throughout the day without lugging around the full device.

And sure, it’s pricey. The device itself costs $299, and each cartridge trio goes for $89. If you want to buy the whole set with every color, that’ll set you back $655. However, if you know what color family you lean toward and only pick one or two, the price tag reduces significantly. Plus, when you consider that the device is a one-time purchase and the average luxury lipstick goes for about $40, one could argue that this device is an investment.

Instead of having to purchase three red Custom Lipsticks, each one just slightly different, you could have hundreds at the tip of your finger.

The Splurge is our recurring column dedicated to expensive beauty products that are worth it. This week, why we’re rebuying YSL’s Rouge Sur Mesure Custom Lipstick Color Creator despite the $655 price tag.

When I jumped on a Zoom call with Barbie Ferreira, she was hanging out in her New York City hotel room dressed in a graphic T-shirt, glasses, custom lipstick, and a bare face. It was cozy and appropriate attire for a rainy Friday afternoon.

Once we started talking, I was comforted by her warm and casual demeanor, which set the stage for a candid conversation about beauty, confidence, her exciting new partnership with YSL Beauty, and of course, Euphoria.

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For those whose Sunday night rituals don’t include watching the show, Ferreira plays the role of Kat Hernandez, a self-conscious teenager who, in season one, secretly becomes an online dominatrix after being involved in a sex tape scandal. The character who once walked around with her head tucked into her books, feeling crappy about her self-image, suddenly undergoes a complete identity change and starts wearing sexy clothing, bold makeup, and most importantly, has a confident new attitude.

“I think that her defensive mechanism was portraying this rigid, nihilistic, kind of femme goddess, which is not what she was feeling inside,” Ferreira tells InStyle. “I think now in season two, it’s more of the reasoning behind her sadness and depression and what’s happening internally with her.”

Custom Lipstick

In season two of the hit series, which recently debuted on Jan. 9, there’s one scene in the second episode where viewers get a glimpse into Kat’s inner psyche. Here, Kat is lying in her bed, self-loathing, and watching YouTube videos when suddenly she’s bombarded by a group of influencers aggressively yelling at her to just “love yourself!” Kat panics and becomes visibly overwhelmed by the influencers’ shallow attempts to make her feel better with custom lipstick.

While this may have been a figment of Kat’s imagination, the feelings and pressures depicted in this clip from the body positivity conversation on social media were very real and relatable for many, including Ferreira.

“I think for me that scene was incredibly personal because I’ve been in that toxic positivity space, and it was detrimental to my mental health a lot of the time,” she says. “I don’t want everyone to just focus on the fact that I’m confident, because I’m not. If you’re not the norm, in Hollywood or fashion, you’re automatically seen as a brave person, which I think is very offensive, and I think it’s hard to always be put in that box and have this pressure to be happy with yourself at a young age.”

purple lipstick

She explains that the pressures are difficult to cope with, considering confidence isn’t a stagnant state of being, it’s more ebbs and flows. “I just keep going, and hopefully, one-day people will stop focusing,” says Ferreira.

On the days she does feel the most confidence, however, the actress admits she probably isn’t wearing much makeup and lipstick. “I used to be a big full face of makeup girl that I would do myself, but I think, especially in the past few years with traveling and working, I like to wear things that let my skin breathe,” she says. “I’m pretty much a lash girl and a tinted moisturizer if my skin isn’t cooperating.”

One of her go-to mascaras? YSL Beauty’s Lash Clash — and the actress is the brand’s newest muse for its latest launch. “I have deep-set eyes, so mascara gives it that bouncy look, and Lash Clash is good at volume, which is usually what I look for,” she says.

Some other go-to beauty practices Ferreira says to keep her feeling her best are using ice globes, electromagnetic devices, and plain ol’ steaming. “Steaming is my thing,” she explains. “I love good moisturizing steam because I have really dry skin. My face and body respond well to steam.”

Overall, though, Ferreira doesn’t stick to any rigid beauty regimens. She’s all about making her own rules and doing whatever feels good for her. At the moment, especially when it comes to her style. “I love playing around with different decades and vintage stuff,” says Ferreira. Who shares she likes to merge the ’90s and ’70s trends with a hint of the Y2K aesthetic. “I like to mix and match because I know everything comes and goes into fashion, so kind of have to make your [own] trends and aesthetics.”

We love a trailblazing (and relatable) queen.

Everyone has their thing. For me, it’s eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner, to be exact — it most easily achieves the exaggerated winged effect. That’s been part of my signature look for as long as I can remember. My ideal liquid eyeliner is rich, deep, and inky black. It dries quickly, lasts all day, and most importantly, it doesn’t smudge. And since I wear false lashes almost daily, I heavily rely on my liner to bring my glam look together.

As a beauty editor, I have the good fortune of receiving plenty of products to try, but every now. I’ll purchase a few on my own to see how they measure up. By now, I’m an eyeliner expert, and I can determine if I like a product in a single stroke. After testing dozens (and dozens) of eyeliners over the years in search of my go-to pen, I’m here to share the good news that I finally found it.

I discovered the Docolor liquid eyeliner on Amazon during the lockdown in 2020. While many people opted to go makeup-free during the start of the pandemic. I went the other way, emphasizing my eyes more than ever since they were prominently on display. While wearing a face mask, and searched high and low. For a reliable eyeliner to get me through those dark times. Since malls were closed and I could no longer wander the aisles of Sephora. To joyfully swatch liquid eyeliners (and splurge on expensive brands), I took my search to Amazon. I skimmed the online reviews of this one and added it to the cart without giving it much thought.

Custom Lipstick

Little did I know that this unassuming little eyeliner pen would quickly replace every other variation on my vanity. The Docolor liner performs like a champ, providing a precise and clean application every time. At just $7 a pop, I now buy it in bulk to make sure I have one everywhere I go. I keep one in my purse, in my car, at my vanity, and on my desk. I never worry about losing one because they’re so darn affordable. And I’ve even gifted a pen or two to my fellow cat eye-enthusiast friends.

Best of all, this eyeliner pen lasts for months before a replacement is needed. So, it’s quite possibly the best $7 spent if you ask me. And to think, had it not been for the pandemic, I may have never found this budget-friendly beauty find.

Add custom lipstick to the cart and thank me later.

There’s a reason why Charlotte Tilbury products like the Beauty Light Wand and Hollywood Flawless Filter regularly sell out: they are so good.

But even with the brand’s reputation for making complexion products that live up to its claims. I had very high expectations for its latest launch, the Beautiful Skin Foundation. Because a foundation is “beautiful skin”. I fully expect it to make my dull, mask-ridden face look like a plump and glowy cherub.

Spoiler alert: It does. The formula offers buildable medium coverage. So, it covers my current acne, post-breakout dark spots, and dark circles with just a bit of product. I like to apply and blend it with a sponge. Then use my fingertip to tap a little extra on the red. Inflamed blemishes as needed — no concealer necessary.


Pink and Peach Lipstick


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The foundation offers a glowy, second-skin finish thanks to a handful of skincare ingredients that improve the look of the skin. There’s hyaluronic acid to hydrate, and bioactive (an ingredient trademarked by the brand) to control oiliness. Rose extract to brighten, and coconut extract to plump. As for shades, there is 30 custom lipstick to choose from.

Beautiful Skin also promises a long-wear finish — up to 16 hours to be exact. This is important because my one gripe with most foundations is that by the end of the day. Moreover, they look cakey and oxidize on the lower half of my face where I’m most oily. However, this foundation stays blended throughout the day, and since it feels weightless. It’s become my go-to on days when I want to wear a little bit of makeup.

So, yeah, I now fully understand why so many shades of Beautiful Skin have sold out at Sephora. Since it launched last month. Luckily, all 30 shades are still available on Charlotte Tilbury’s site.

Good to Go used to be the column where we’d share the beauty products we can’t travel without. But while travel’s off the table, we’ll be focusing on products that make us feel good at home. I’m obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury’s Beautiful Skin Foundation.

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