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Curly hair care routine step by step: Curly girl method

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If you have curly hair you have probably hair about the curly girl method. Wavy and curly hair might give you a tough time managing it. Curly hair is naturally dry and it needs more care to keep them soft and healthy. A long curly hair care routine is made for people with curly and wavy hair because managing these types of hair is a challenge. The author Lorraine Massey introduced the curly girl method. This method is to quit the damaging habits of curly hair. This is a complete routine full of essential nutrients for curling hair people to get healthy hair. In curl, girl routine is strongly standing on products that are free of harmful and harsh chemicals which make hair frizzy. Curly hair has a low amount of natural oil and this method is excellent to keep the hair moisture in balance.  

What the Curly Girl Method is?

This method is a professional guideline for healthy hair. The curly girl method is a useful hair care routine for people who have curly hair. Curly hair is very tricky hair and a professionally plan hair care routine will work for that. This routine contains hair products that are free of harmful chemicals. This is a healthy hair care routine that is based on products with sulfate, silicone, and paraben. This method bans harsh chemicals present in different products such as shampoo and hair oil that contain perfume. In this method, the harsh chemical containing the product is replaced with the product which is healthy for curly hair.

The basic rules of the curly girl method are to discover your curl type and to choose hair products that benefit you. After following the curly girl method its results will be incredible because this routine contains the nutrients that lack in curly hair structure.

Avoid chemicals

According to the curly girl method, the major rule of this method is to avoid chemicals that are present in hair products. Choose products for hair that do not contain harmful chemicals. Here is how you should choose products for curly hair. Use sulfate-free shampoo the first step of the curly girl method is to choose a shampoo that does not contain sulfate. The CG method recommends sulfate-free shampoo such as sodium lauryl sulfate which makes hair extremely dry. Dryness is the first step to getting frizzy and damaged hair to overcome dryness say no to sulfate.

Heat and styling tools are strictly prohibited

The excessive use of styling tools and exposure of hair to heat is strictly prohibited in the CG method. Do not use a hair straightener, curling iron, or blow dryer this will damage hair. In the CG method, the blow-dry is called “frying your hair”. Instead of blow-drying, you should use a diffuser its moderate heat spread throughout your curls. However, it is better to air-dry your hair as much as possible. On warmer days it is recommended to air-dry your hair while in winter use a diffuser but not on daily basis. Even if you are following the CG method and still use styling tools and heat this method is not going to help you. 

Stop using comb

Stop the usage of hairbrushes and combs for curly hair this will break your hair. Try to detangle hair will the help of your fingers and thus will make beautiful curls. If you want to comb your hair then use a brush before bath your hair will look detangled after hair wash. Curly hair needs a huge amount of conditioner to try to use on your hair tip, not on your hair root. Conditioner locks the natural moisture on your hair and makes it super smooth. Massage conditioner on your hair with the help of your palm and your finger will work like a comb after doing this there is no need for a comb. Curly is very thin and when your use a hairbrush this will stretch hair and eventually break them.

quit everyday wash hair

Do not wash curly hair too often this will strip out the natural oil. Washing hair every day will leave hair dry this habit washes out natural oil more openly and led to dry hair. This will make your hair dehydrated and your hair will be brittle. Keep your hair enough moisturize to avoid split ends. Everyday hair wash will make hair dry this dryness led to split ends. The only solution for the split end is to cut them off or trim your hair after every six months. 

Use a tea shirt instead of a towel

The regular towel will absorb all the natural moisture of your hair which is the major cause of frizz. Using a regular towel will make your hair rough and curly hair is the weakest when they are wet. Stay away from towels and try to use a tee shirt instead. A cotton tee shirt is excellent for curly hair wrap it around your wet hair and dry hair gently with it. The fabric of the tee shirt is very soft and works excellent on your curly hair. Only use a cotton-made tea shirt on your hair and make sure it is properly clean from dirt. 

Stay away from chemical treatments

Doing chemical experiments such as dying, bleaching, and heat styling will destroy your hair. These chemical treatments will stop your hair growth and major hair loss will start. The only treatment to regain your original hair is to cut the damaged hair and wait until new hair growth begins. This mistake will leave a long-term bad effect on your hair.

Curly girl method step by step first stop the habit of breaking your hair and implement the above-mentioned routine. Once you quit a harmful habit that makes your hair disgusting and makes a hair care routine according to the CG method then the second step is to use CG-approved hair products. The first step of the curly girl method is to discover your curly hair type.

Step 1 find out your curls type

The first step to success is to find your long curly hair type keep in mind that everyone has a different curly hair type so it is important to pick a hair care routine that works magically in your hair type. There are four major hair types wavy curl, loose curl, tight curl, and coil curl. Take your hair strand and deeply analyze the hair curl pattern if the curl is relaxed in an S shape this proves that you have wavy hair. And if the pattern looks like more define S shape then the hair type is loose curls. The tight curl has a small S shape and the hair curl often looks like a coil curl. The last pattern is coil curl which has a zigzag pattern and its coil pattern is very prominent. This was the brief information about curl type.curly hair care routine

Step2 use CG-approved products

This step is based on harmless hair products that are made for curly hair. The shampoo you use must be sulfate-free. How you will find such products you do not have to go through the ingredients list and try to check the chemicals used. There is a lot of product that comes for curly hair. Find the desired products and include them in your routine. This step is a little complicated but once you find such products keep using them and do not change them with another product.

Step3 hair wash hair

Wash is the simple step after you find chemicals-free products. It is better to massage your hair before the bath to moisturize hair. Brush before hair wash because it will detangle your hair after wash. Apply shampoo only on your hair root until the dirt is settled down in the root. We will wash that dirt and grease from the hair roots so the hair tips are free of any contaminants. Pay attention to hair moisturizer and you should have used a conditioner or hair mask to lock the moister. Wash your hair once or twice a week there is no need to wash it every single day.

Step4 conditioner

Conditioner is the premium step of the CG routine for curly hair. Use a decent amount of conditioner on your wet hair this will keep your hair moister until the second wash. Leave in conditioner will be excellent if possible. Conditioner is a reach of nutrients to make your hair healthy and this makes a layer on your hair to protect them from any dangerous ingredients. The conditioner did not also moisturize hair however it can cure dry, damaged, and frizzy hair. Deep conditioning is the most popular step even people who have straight but dry hair also use deep conditioning when they damage their hair through chemical treatments.

curly hair care routine

Step5 dry your hair

The hair drying technique in the CG method is very simple just let your hair be air-dry. Nature will give them the curly definition. Skip the use of a towel to dry hair just use a tea shirt to absorb water from hair. The fiber of the towel can produce extreme damage and eventually break your hair. When your dry hair with a towel the elastic hair will break and affect hair texture. Stay away from blow-drying because this will absorb moisture from hair using a diffuser if possible.

Step6 curl styling

Style curl step is a fun step you can shape your curl as you wish. This step will make your curl type and will look super natural and elegant. Use your hands to style your hair in shape and direction to get your dream curls. This is the most satisfying step you can see the magic of the CG method. You can feel your soft and hydrated hair after so much struggle. Once you implement the CG method there is no going back to your previous hair care routine. Make a loose bun of hair at night to keep your curl fresh or you can use a hair cap when you are going too bad. Do not leave your hair open when you are sleeping.

This was the full guideline of the CG method to try to make it a habit. The curly girl method is a well-known method for curly hair and this method will benefit you for sure.

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