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Curl your hair at home without heat

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curl your hair at home

You can curl hair without the use of heat at home. We all know that styling tools make hair dry and damaged. But there are some ways you can curl hair without a styling tool in the comfort of home. All fight with hair regarding their hair type those who have straight hair want to make it curly and those who want straight hair they are having curly hair. You can not change hair texture but there are some methods you can style your hair temporally. Heat styling can be an instant way to style hair but this will make hair dry and frizzy. We will introduce you to the heartless curling method to protect you from frizzy hair.

It is possible to curl hair with a curling wand or flat iron but what will you do when you get damaged hair in the end. I’m sure you don’t want to damage hair and then get yourself into trouble to get rid of dryness and frizz. there are dozen of ways to get curly hair without touching heat tools. In this article, we will discuss all the methods to get the desired style. Here are some ways which make you able to get curly hair at home without any use of heat.

Hair rollers

I’m sure you had seen hair rollers in the 90s films and these are trending nowadays. Today’s hair rollers are more advance than the old one which is designed to give you heatless curls. You can use it very easily and it will consume a little bit of time. Before you start using hair rollers directly on hair you need to know the basics. Use it on damp hair when you take shower and your hair is a little dam like 80% of your should dry. And if your hair is completely dry just take a spray bottle and fill it with water and spray it on your hair. Now take hair rollers and distribute your hair in sections. Take one section of your hair and roll it around the hair roller and secure it with a hairpin or bobby pin.

Repeat the procedure until all your hair section is done and leave it for about 4-5 hours. Then slowly remove rollers and do it gently so you protect hair from breakage. Once you remove all rollers from your hair you will have gorgeous curls now just apply a hair spray. Hair spray will keep your curls fresh throughout the day. here is another technique to curl your hair at home naturally.  

Hair braid

braid is the easiest way to get curls without exposing hair to heat. Braids consume a few minutes to get done you just wait for a little time. Make a braid from hair and leave it overnight and the next day you can see the magic of it. Braids not only give you curly hair but also you can create different types of curls. If you want loose curls make a loose braid and if you want tight curls make a tight braid.

Make sure your hair is completely clean and there is no oil on your hair otherwise it will be hard to get curly hair through a braid. Even any method will not help you to get curly hair if you had applied oil to your hair. Not just naturally but if you use heat tools on oily hair it is impossible to get curls even if you get curls they will stay for a few minutes and your hair will gain its natural texture. read more about the Conair curl wand

Do not make such a mistake and apply spray-on hair when you get curls through the hair braid. Hair spray makes the curls long-lasting and fresh.

curl your hair at home

Twist tee shirt

You might get confused that how a tee-shirt makes curls. But it is another easiest way to style hair take an old tee shirt and twist it. When you twist it tie the end of the tee-shirt and make a big tee shirt roll. When you make this roll pit it into your head on the crown area. Dam your hair and start wrapping hair around that roll. Take your hair section by section and wrap-around tee shirt and secure the end of the last section with a hairpin to prevent hair from opening. Now leave it overnight and remove the tee shirt the next morning. Your hair will be completely curly when you remove the roller. Through this method, you can achieve bouncy and voluminous curly hair.

Long sock

Ok, this method seems a little weird but this is an excellent way to achieve a curly hairstyle. Make sure the sock is clean and dry do not use smelly socks. All you need for this is two long socks partition hair in the middle. Take a comb to draw a straight line in the middle of your head. Draw a straight line you can take eyebrows as a guideline. Put the comb in between your eyebrows and slowly goes to the end of your head. Now separate hair into two sections and take a sock to make sure the sock is enough long to wrap hair around it. Put one sock to the right side of your hair put another sock to the left and secure it with hairpins or hair clips to make sure the socks do not fall.

When you are done with this step now take hair sections and twist around socks. When you twist all your hair around it now spry water on your hair to make it dam. Keep this overnight and remove it in the morning and to will get stunning curly hair at home. through this method, you curl your hair at home without putting in any effort. 

Do not brush hair after a shower

This method is the most satisfying way to get curly hair but this only works for those who have wavy hair. This method will not work on those who have straight hair but it can use for those who is having wavy hair. In this method, you have to skip one step of your hair routine to get curly hair. When you take a shower do not brush your hair after this leave your hair the way they are. You should detangle hair before hair washing then rinses hair then do not brush hair after you take shower. Apply conditioner after a shower and put the essential oil on it but do not comb it and when your hair gets dry you will get effortlessly curly hair.

Hair bun

This is another go-to style for hair and the most popular way to get curly hair. When you take a shower wait until your hair is partially dry now twist them. Take a section twist them with one another and secure it with a hair tie. Let me tell you briefly take a small section of hair twist it one time then take another section of hair and put it together then again twist it one more time. In this way twist all your hair sections and when all your hair is twisted securely the end of it with a rubber band. Now do not leave it make a hair bun of it and secure it with another rubber band but this time take a big rubber band. Leave it overnight and open it the next morning and boom you will have curly voluminous hair.

Do not forget to apply hair spray this will make curls Stay a long time.

curl your hair at home

Hair scrunching

Hair scrunching is a little tricky method but this will also give you beautiful curly hair. There are also some products available in the market to give you heartless curls. Some hair spray and cream are available to give a curly hairstyle. After a shower, apply sea salt spray on your wet hair evenly and scrunch your hair up words. Repeat this 2-3 times with everyone section of hair again do not brush your hair. You can also do this with your hair cream apply it on damp hair scrunch them up words and then leave it and you will achieve bouncy curly hair. Through this, you will get beautiful beach-style curly hair. This is the go-to beach hairstyle and you will steal the show.


Headbands will give you naturally curly hair without putting in lots of effort. Again pit a hairband just the way you normally style hair with it. Wrap all your hair around it section by section. Once you wrap hair around it wait until your hair becomes dry then remove the hairband. When you are removing it do it slowly and gently to keep the curls the way they are made. Then apply hair spray on curls and you are good to go anywhere.

There are the most effortless methods to achieve bouncy and voluminous curly hair without heat. These may consume a little more time to wait but this will not leave your hair dry, damaged, and frizzy. There are natural ways of getting heatless curls at home. this is the most effortless method to curl your hair at home.  

curls patterns 

straight hair has only one type of hair but has a different texture. most people have thin straight hair and most people have thick hair but both are of the same type of hair. this is not the same for curly hair people some have wavy hair some have loose curls and some people have tight curly hair. this provides choice to you whether you want wavy, loose curly, or tight curly hair. in the above mention techniques, you can get any type of curly hair naturally by just following the tips that we provide to you. if you want wavy hair use a big-size hair roller, if you want loose curly hair go for medium size rollers.

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