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Cooling Hairstyles with Ribbons

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Ribbons are showing up everywhere these days, from Instagram to the red carpet, but they are hardly a new trend. You may have quite a few childhood photos with bows and other ribbon accessories. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact origin of ribbon stylesexyhair, but Shirley Temple and Frida Kahlo were two women who exemplified ribbon hairstyles in their lifetimes. Ribbon hair accessories have been around for decades and are redefining themselves in our current era.

Once regarded as a princess-like look, ribbon hair accessories can now be found on top style lists at the most prestigious award shows, like the 2016 Met Gala. Hair bows and ribbons are having a serious moment right now and you can’t escape them, just like I couldn’t avoid my 3-year-old niece when she was old enough to start playing with them. I think they add such a whimsical and feminine touch to any look.

They can be added as simple hair accessories or even a makeup part of the hairstyle itself if done right.

It’s almost an art form and adds personality to what might be otherwise mundane everyday looks. The best part is that it looks great on all hair types and makes formal hair easy.

Ribbons are one of my favorite hair accessories for several reasons. First, they add a nice touch of personality to whatever you’re wearing. They can be used in everyday life, at work, or for special occasions, and are extremely versatile. Second, there’s no need to worry about frizzy hair because ribbons prevent curls from going crazy. It’s just one less thing to worry about.


Hairstyles can be tried


10 Wear for Any Occasion

Ribbon hairstyles are the perfect complement to any outfit, from casual to formal. They can be used as an accessory or as a quick and easy way to jazz up an existing look. The ribbon hairstyles featured here showcase how these simple adornments can be worked into various hair types and lengths with the help of either traditional ribbon or scarves and can be adjusted based on your style.


1.    Incorporate a Classic Bow

You cannot go wrong with a simple, classic bow. This look is perfect for curly or textured hair because you can secure your hair in a curly-safe pineapple and add your ribbon accent to elevate your protective styling. Pull the lower half of your hair into a loose bump and secure it with a scrunchie or claw clip. Leave the top half of your hair out and create two slight pigtails to place over each ear.

Secure that section with bobby pins and attach a simple, thick ribbon with some medium size bobby pins around the base of the hairline where you secured your purchase e gift cards online. If you have hair that is on the thicker side, this style will give your hair extra weight and length. It’s best for mid-length or longer hair. Here I am sharing the latest flat hair for stylish hairs.

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2.    Triple Up on for Cooling Hairstyles with Ribbons

Hairstyles are a big part of our lives. There’s something special about the way we style, braid, and adorn our hair. But sometimes there’s a piece that just can’t seem to fit–like how to incorporate multiple ribbons into a stylesexyhair. Even if you don’t want three ribbons, this can be adapted for a variety of small items.

This hairstyle incorporates three ribbons on just one side of the head. That’s not all though! The color choice is awesome and it makes a great example for everybody to implement this look in their everyday hairstyle.

3.    Braid a Frida Kahlo-Inspired Crown for Hairstyles with Ribbons

It’s officially summer, so that means it’s braid season! If you love braids as much as I do then you’ll want to take some inspiration from Frida Kahlo. The Mexican artist is known for her signature double-braided updos which are now becoming increasingly popular.

You can either create double crochet or French braid and pin the braids to the top of your head or combine two smaller French braids into one larger French braid. Nature’s essence is the impetus; braid crown. Repurposing natural elements is another style statement to go deeper into rustic chic style.

  • Elevate Your Standard Ponytail for Cooling Hairstyles with Ribbons

Make your standard ponytail more fun with a ribbon. Once your hair is up in a high ponytail, tie a piece of ribbon into a bow around the base. Morales says, “I love incorporating ribbons into the hair by doing braids, buns, and ponytails. It changes the look and makes it more fun. You can also wear a stylish headband and ribbons for hairstyling.”I’m always looking for ways to improve my wardrobe and beauty regimes.

A simple way that I’m able to do so is through my hair. Most women have a standard ponytail in their beauty arsenal, but when taken to the next level with ribbon, even the most minimal hairstyle can be an elegant statement. Just follow these steps and you’ll be prepared for any special occasion or date!

  • Use Textured Ribbon for Contrast for Cooling Hairstyles with Ribbons

When it comes to prom, you want your updo to be the most eye-catching part of your look. After all, that’s what everyone’s going to be looking at when they look at you at the dance. That’s why Hailey Bieber, who I love, by the way, chose this velvet ribbon headband to help accentuate her hairstyle which is very sleek and structured.

The black and white theme doesn’t hurt either, keeping the look chic but allowing colors like this to pop. Hailey Bieber’s haircut is interesting as well — very long at the back (almost a lob) but with a short nape-skimming bob at the front.




  • Show Your Pride for Cooling Hairstyles with Ribbons

Ribbons are a great way to express your support for particular organizations, events, and social causes. Did you know that the ribbon is one of the oldest political symbols dating back to ancient Greece? Meander through social media accounts and I’m sure you will find many teens that sport ribbons in their hair. Benefits of avocado oil for hair how to use it.

  • Play with Punchy Patterns for Cooling Hairstyles with Ribbons

Monochrome and neutrals are great for creating a look that is mature and sophisticated. d patterns – including stripes, polka dots, leopard prints, and more. A headband or hair tie can instantly add a pop of color or uniqueness to your look – just ask Teen Vogue. When it comes to using these adornments, you don’t have to stick to the traditional bow look. The best part is that ribbons come in so many options that you can choose from ribbons with pre-applied glues on their ends or ones that need no glue at all.

  • Add a Dramatically Long Ribbon for Cooling Hairstyles with Ribbons

One ribbon hairstyle that is sure to add some drama to an everyday hairstyle: using an extra-long ribbon. The ribbon has gained popularity over the past few years, and it works especially well if you want a dramatic hairstyle. The extra-long ribbon is perfect for creating a bow. If you’re looking for a trendy look or a statement to make, a thick ribbon is perfect for you.

  • Coordinate Your Whole Look for Cooling Hairstyles with Ribbons

Adding a ribbon to your hair is an easy way to enhance any outfit. Just remember, your ribbon should coordinate with the top portion of your outfit—not match it exactly. Blending a neutral color like white in between the two pieces also helps to avoid that dreaded matchy-matchy look. This season, coordinating your whole look is about more than tee-shirt-plus-jeans. Tying your look together using accessories, including hair, will bring your whole outfit together and make it shine.

  • Accessorize Your Ribbon for Cooling Hairstyles with Ribbons

Ribbon hairstyles are further elevated by the addition of other clips and accessories. Ribbon hairstyles are simple, elegant, and practical. They’re also easier to create than you might think, and with the right ribbon, can be applied in a variety of different ways. If you’re looking for an easy hairstyle for your next big occasion, look no further than your local drugstore for every girl’s favorite accessory: a ribbon!




benefits of tying Hairstyles with Ribbons

Breaking hair is the most annoying problem a girl can face. Anyways, find out here how you can prevent your hair from breaking when you keep them open for a long time. You can use dry shampoo for tying a cooling hairstyle.

So you’re planning to tie some of your hair with a ribbon? You may be looking for ideas on how to tie your hair. Don’t worry, I have some great tips for tying your hair with a ribbon. I know what you are thinking. But there are other benefits like increased shine and overall improvement in looks.

There are so many benefits of tying hair with ribbon. Taking care of your hair is a necessity. Not only does it help you attract attention, but it also helps you maintain good overall health. You can also use the best hair serum for styling hairstyles. In today’s world of fashion, people tend to not pay attention to things such as these.


Ribbon hairstyles have been around for so long because they work. They’re easy, and fun and you can personalize them to your style. So whether you choose to wear a ribbon yourself or make a hairstyle with ribbons for a special girl in your life, don’t forget the lesson Frida taught us: never be afraid to reinvent yourself. Ribbon hairstyles are fun and easy to create at home but only if you know how to do them correctly.

Ribbon Hairstyles are easy to create at home, but only if you know how to do them correctly. That’s where the help of hairstylists comes in handy.

Although ribbon hairstyles have been around for years and you may have even used them on a friend’s hair when you were younger, they have yet to fall out of favor among both young and old. And what better way to spruce up these classic styles than to create different hairstyles with ribbons?

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