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Tips for Choosing Beautiful and Comfortable Wedding Shoes

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Choose Comfortable Wedding ShoesWedding day and its celebration is usually a day-long celebration. It starts from holy matrimony in the morning then it continues to the reception in the evening. That’s why a wedding day could be quite exhausting. One way to make the wedding day less tiring is by choosing the right and comfortable wedding shoes, especially for the bride. She needs to find the most comfortable wedding shoes for her. The bride often prefers glamour and elegant shoes rather than comfortable shoes for her wedding day. Little do they know that that kind of shoes is the start of agony on their wedding day. However, there are now lots of options of beautiful yet comfortable wedding heels shoes available.

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Comfortable wedding shoes will make a wedding day bearable. The bride doesn’t need to spend the day without the torture from her wedding shoes. A bride doesn’t need to cling to her husband or bridesmaids all the time. The bride can stand up confidently and comfortably with comfortable wedding shoes.

Tips to Choose Comfortable Wedding heels Shoes

There are tips you can follow to find your comfortable wedding shoes. These tips are compiled from many resources and from many wedding shoe designers. Feel free to take notes and may you find your comfortable shoes as soon as possible.

Choose the right height of the heels

The average time of wedding celebration is more than 12 hours. It will hurt your feet too much if you wear high heels. You need to choose the most comfortable wedding shoes by using the right height of the heels. Choose a heel of 7.5 cm at maximum to get comfortable all along your wedding day.

But, different people can have different endurance. If the bride is used to wearing high heels then no need to worry. Use the heels you are most confident with because sometimes confidence is also defined as comfortable points.

Choose the thicker heels rather than the thin one

Thicker heels would balance your weight. It is designed to divide your body weight fairly. So, you will feel less tired. You also don’t need to feel uncomfortable to keep your upright posture. By using thin heels, keeping your posture upright needs really big work. Your back will tire faster and your posture will look uncomfortable. That is why you better choose thicker heels for comfortable purposes.

Choose the right toe shape

The toe shape also has an important role to give you comfort on your wedding day. So, you need to choose the right toe shape. Avoid choosing a pointy toe shape, because it will make your toe hurt more. Better choose a round and broad toe shape. This kind of toe shape will help you be more comfortable in your wedding shoes.

Choose the right heels shoe material

Shoe material is part of wedding shoes that needs to experience directly. Honestly, shoes with plastic or vinyl material are not recommended. It will cause friction between your foot and shoe. It is better to use leather material. This material is stretchable and will make you feel more comfortable.

Choose the right details

Sometimes, shoes with breathtaking details are only great to see not to use. You need to choose carefully. Avoid details that will disturb your walking and ruin your dress. So, be sure to try walking with the shoes and the dress and feel its comfort.

Choose the right weight for the heels shoe

Every shoe has a different weight. The material and their decoration tell the weight of the shoes. It is better to try it first for walking or lifting it in the air. If you feel it is too heavy, then you need to choose the medium one. Because you will use your marriage shoes all day, then you need the most ones.

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