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Classic Curling Wand

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A classic curling wand is the most popular hot air tool. It’s widely used by women. The main features of this product are no pain and fast healing. If you want to give a different look to your hair, then should choose this curling iron.

With this curling iron, you can have runway-ready curls in no time! The Classic Curling Wand has a 100% pure ceramic barrel and far thermal infrared technology that generates negative ions naturally to battle frizz and add shine with every use.

The clipless design of this Classic Wand allows you to create a wide range of hairstyles, from precise tight curls to beach waves. The Classic Curling Wand comes with high-temperature styling gloves and is suitable for all types of hair. With flawless curls, rule the world!

Curly, crimped, kinky, straight, or somewhere in between—there’s no denying that the classic curling wand is a great tool to have in your arsenal.

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that will turn heads and bring compliments, try out one of these classic curling wand techniques.

It doesn’t matter if you choose to use a traditional curling iron or a more modern type of curling wand; either way, these tips will help you find the best method for getting gorgeous, smooth curls every time.

Why choose Classic Curling Wand?

A classic curling wand is a type of curling iron that allows you to create tight ringlets or loose waves in your hair. It’s called a wand because it looks like one. This tool has a barrel made of metal, ceramic, or glass. You clamp the wand around a section of hair and use the handle to create curls or waves. The barrel on this type of iron is usually designed with an opening near the tip so that you can catch any strands that fall out as you curl them.

NuMe Classic Ceramic Curling Wand 

classic curling wand

The clipless barrels design, 360-degree swivel cable, on-off power button with indicator light, and capability to warm up to 410°F in seconds make styling a breeze.

  • Depending on the technique, the 32mm barrel is ideal for novices and pros alike to make healthy thermal styling with loose, voluminous, relaxed, beachy, or glam waves.
  • This curling wand is made entirely of Tourmaline Ceramic, which smooths, the friction-free surface reduces breakage, provides moisture, and enhances long-lasting shine.
  • To assist you to obtain the greatest results, NuMe uses only the right ingredients and enhances our goods with the far heat and negative ion cleaning technology.
  • Traditional style techniques require a lot of heat to work. Far-infrared heat technology is used by NuMe to heat the hair from the inside out. It protects the hair’s exterior cuticle, leaving it soft and silky for a long time.
  • Negative ion therapy is included in this curling wand, which removes frizz by sealing the hair’s cuticle while also increasing gloss and helping you preserve hydration.

GHD Classic Wave Wand

Classic Curling Wand


On longer hair, use this oval-shaped wand to connect type waves and glamorous movement. The constructed safety hold involves placing the wand down securely while styling and the protective cool tip offers a secure way to put the hair in place while curling. Other useful features include a long cord for flexible styling and the ability to use your wand everywhere in the world.

To Use: Divide the hair into 2cm in width and thick portions for gorgeous, Hollywood waves. Wrap the hair all around the barrel in a flat wrap and hold for 5-8 seconds. Alternatively, to produce undone texture twists coil the hair all-around barrel.

Styling of Hairs: Similarly curl all parts of hair for a sleek, glossy look. Wrap segments of hairs under and around the barrel to produce curls that rebound off one other for a more volumized look.

Pearl Curling Wand (Classic)

Classic Curling Wand

The Classic Curling Wand Pearl has 100percent tourmaline ceramic barrels that vary from 25mm and 13mm in a distinctive pearl form from base to tip. With tourmaline ceramic, you can achieve bouncing, natural waves by heating your strand evenly with far thermal infrared technology and conditioning your natural hair with negative ions. Maintain the health of your hair while creating natural-looking texture and dimension. All hair types are safe with the Classic Curling Wand Pearl, which includes a heat-resistant style glove.

How to Curl?

  • For three to five seconds, tie small strands around the barrel.
  • Hold the curl to allow it to cool and solidify before releasing it.
  • For further protection, put on the heat-resistant styling glove.

All types of hair, including thick, wavy, frizzy, and damaged hair, are safe to use.

Professional Nano Ceramics Flipperless Curling Wand for Glossy Curls from Hot Tools

Classic Curling Wand


The best ceramic curling wand on the market. It’s not just a wand for creating magically beautiful curls and waves. Established to protect hair from scorching, maintain hair integrity, and reduce hair damage.

Ceramic nanoparticles create a super-duper Micro-Shine snag-free surface that allows hair to glide from across the hairstyle surface with less pulling and more styling, leaving smooth and shiny strands. You can easily change between heat settings using a potentiometer temperature control dial.

The extra-long cooling tip provides style comfort as well as finger protection, making styling a pleasure from start to end.

Creative Curling Wand(Tapered)

Classic Curling Wand

An innovative tapered wand ensures a consistent, uniform temperature for healthier-looking, longer-lasting tousled curls.

Key Benefits:

  • Maintains healthy-looking curls
  • Provides long-lasting styles
  • Amplifies hair color

With the Curve Creative Curl Wand, you can commit to curls while avoiding harm. It has six intelligent sensors and groundbreaking unique tri-zone technology that ensures the ideal curl heat of 365°F all across the barrel for lengthy, healthy-looking waves and twice more color fidelity. Tri-zone evenly distributes heat from root to tip. Sealing in humidity and establishing the working framework so rounded curls stay in place all day.

The innovative tapered wand is designed for creative style flexibility. This allows you to curl in any way for any effect you desire. From just-back-from-Coachella curls to gorgeous, calm waves, create a variety of disheveled looks. With a 25-second warm air time and an innovative ceramic coating for silky, snag-free curling, curls form quickly and last.

Rose Gold Conair Curling Wand

classic curling wand


Curling wand in rose gold that creates perfectly defined waves. The enhanced ceramic content ensures consistent heat and long-lasting styles with reduced frizz. With 30 temperature settings that heat up to 400 degrees. Fahrenheit in seconds, including a Turbo Heat boost for hard-to-style areas.

The cool tip is unusual in that it is safe, easy to use, and has an auto-off feature. Dual voltage is included for foreign travel, as well as a free carry case for packing. The cord is 60 inches long.

  • Wrap your hair around this clamp-free curling wand to create a range of twisted spirals with no bends or creases for instant free-flowing beachy waves. Recessed buttons prevent cutoff by accident.
  • This curling wand provides uniform heat, quick styling, and waves that endure. It has 30 heat settings, including rapid heat up to 400 degrees F, Turbo Heat increase for difficult-to-style areas, and Auto-Off. It also has a cool tip for safety, easy handling
  • The beachy curls and waves created by the conical barrel are loose, natural, and beachy.
  • Wrap to style instantly without the use of a clamp. Clamp-free curling is gentler on the hair and less damaging.
  • Conair produces high-quality styling equipment for various hair types. Including curling irons and wands, flat irons, warm airbrushes, auto-curlers, and more.

Octowand  Curling Wand by NuMe

Classic Curling Wand

While maintaining hair healthy and frizz-free, this powerful curling set creates attractive tight ringlets, glamorous curls, or bouncy beach waves.

The Octowand Exchangeable Curling Wand has eight 100percent pure Tourmaline Ceramic Barrels that shape gorgeous curls. While minimizing undesirable flyaways and sealing in moisture, preventing heat damage to hair. With just one tool, you can create a range of long-lasting styles with this flexible curling wand set!

Wrap Party Styling Wand

Classic Curling Wand

A unique styling wand with a reverse-taper, no-slip barrel that consistently Creates flawless waves and curls.


  • Creates perfect waves and curls
  • Ionic tech adds gloss
  • Gives ease and manageability

Meet the styling wand of the future, with a reverse-taper, non-slip barrel that creates gorgeous, glossy, perfect waves and curls. The ergonomic handle delivers optimal comfort and control, while the digital temperature control heats up to 450°F, allowing for creative style on all hair types.

T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand Set: Tapered 

Classic Curling Wand

It enables you to design a range of fashionable hairstyles. Its adjustable barrels come in a variety of sizes and include a unique blend ceramic base that glides smoothly through hair to create beautifully, curling waves, spirals curls, flip ends, and a variety of other hairstyles. Accidental burns are avoided thanks to the high-temperature resting pad and style glove. A long-lasting, damage-free, smooth, and lustrous finish.

  • For a healthy style, the heat is constant and distributed evenly.
  • Five heat levels (260°F-410°F) provide different heat levels for different hair types.
  • Design that can be changed
Andis Gold Ceramic Funnel-shaped Curling Wand, High Heat

For all hair types, 20 varying heat settings provide perfect temperature control. Provides maximum heat while avoiding hair damage. Andis tools give salon-quality style at home, whether the desired appearance is delicately waved or playfully curled.

Andis offers a solution for every type of hair and every consumer, with features seen on high-end professional products that cost 3 times as much. Professional control at a low price is provided by quick heat-up, intense heat for long-lasting effects, and several heat settings.

  • Curls are tight and long-lasting with the Conical Wand.
  • Frizz is eliminated with tourmaline nano-ceramic technology, resulting in smoother, silkier hair.
  • With 20 heat settings and a quick 30-second heat-up time, there’s something for everyone.
  • For long-lasting styles, heat up to 450°F.
  • Dual voltage for use all over the world.
  • For enhanced safety, there’s an auto shut-off and a cool tip.
  • Swivel cord with no tangles.
Lunata Convertible Curling Wand

Classic Curling Wand

The Lunata Convertible Curling Wand allows you to achieve a wide range of smooth, long-lasting styles. For long hair, create beach waves, while for short hair, add volume.

You can use this wireless device like a wand to obtain the undone appearance or keep the clip-on for extra control with a haircut. The Lunata Curling Wand may last up to 45 minutes, which is plenty of time for a full style.

  • Heat resistant glove
  • Thermal proof shirt
  • Charge cable + socket adapters for dual voltage 100-240V

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