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5 Recomended Cheap Wedding Favors Ideas for Your Special Day

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Affordable or cheap wedding favors are one way to shorten your wedding expenses. To be precise, wedding favors can be very expensive if you do not choose the right. It is not meant to give your guest only cheap stuff. But, if you are creative enough you can get a meaningful gift even with a limited budget.

Cheap wedding favors are portrayed simply as gifts. Although, if it simple gift, it will look good if it delivers the thankfulness successfully. As the saying goes, it is always not about the price. Moreover, many people are giving away expensive stuff as wedding favors, but it is not useful for the gift receiver. Wedding favors are forgotten and stored in the dust because they can not be used. So, why don’t make it cheap but useful?

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Cheap Wedding Favors

Finding Cheap Wedding Favors

To make your cheap wedding favors, you need to be meticulous. If you look carefully, you will find many ideas for cheap wedding favors. Many wedding favor ideas barely cost $1 to $2. It can help you to allocate the expenses for a wedding favor to other expenses. What are they? Here are some ideas to get a cheap wedding

Get a candle from its producer. It will sell in bulk and at a cheap price. After that, you can place it in plastic wrapping. Add ribbon and lace along with a card that expresses your gratitude. So, this kind of wedding favor will barely cost $1. How cheap is it, right? Imagine how much money you could save by giving away candles as wedding favors. A candle is also useful for the gift receiver. They can use it in their daily life and remind by your wedding day.

  • Jar Wedding Favors

Jars are selling in bulk. You can buy it at a very cheap price and can wrap it nicely to give it away. For less than $1 you can buy the jars, and then personalize them as your special wedding favors. For example, you can use acrylic to write your couple initial on the jar. Make sure to make it pretty and cute and don’t forget to thank the guest. A jar is also a very useful gift. And the gift receiver will receive it with a very grateful heart.

  • Water Wedding Favors

Nowadays, many people give away a bottle of water as a wedding favor gift. It is affordable and can represent the purity of love. To make it cuter, designed the bottle label with your wedding photo or couple’s initials. Another way, you can give water in a flower vase along with the flowers. It will refresh the guest after the tiring wedding occasion.

  • Soap Wedding Favors

Soap as wedding favor gifts will not cost much money. Also, it is very cheap. If you buy it in bulk, you can get it for less than $1. You can give it away with your chosen soap scent. And do not forget to decorate it with ribbon and your thank you card. The receiver of wedding favors will be excited to open the gift after they came home.

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  • Seed Wedding Favors

Get your chosen seed to give out as wedding favors. It is very affordable in the budget and eco-friendly gifts. It can also represent your love as a seed that will always grow. You can pack the seed in a simple package. Do not forget to print out your gratitude words in the package. Even though it will look very simple, it gives the right meaning.

All of the cheap wedding favors above are much recommended. Moreover, saving the budget and shortening the number of wedding expenses is important. The wedding is a start, not the end. So, why don’t you save more for more days ahead? Anyway, it will be a happy marriage.

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