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Tips and inspiring ideas to Give Birthstone Necklace for Mom

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Today’s theme is a birthstone necklace for Mom. As children, we sometimes ignored and forgot about little things like giving a gift to our parents. And one of the inspiring ideas for the present is birthstones. However, birthstones are gemstones that represent the month of birth. Nowadays, it is very popular to use birthstones as pendants of jewelry or such. Also, do you want to know every birthstone that represents each month? Therefore, here is a list of birthstones for each month in modern ways shown in

Table Birthstone for Each Month

Month Birthstone Month Birthstone
January Garnet July Ruby
February Amethy August Peridot, spinel
March Aquamarine, bloodstone September Sapphire
April Diamond October Opal, tourmaline
May Emerald November Topaz, citrine
June Pearl, moonstone, Alexandra December Turquoise, zircon, tanzanite

The beginning of using gemstones as symbols for the month of birth was done in the first century. Therefore, it was developed by a Jewish historian named Josephus. However, he found out and believed that there was a link to connecting twelve stones to twelve months of the year. Besides that, people also started to believe that jewels with certain gemstones have magical powers.

People specifically believe that gemstones can bring luck and positive vibes to those who wear them. Therefore, then there are twelve birthstones that can be connected to the twelve months. However, it continues to be learned and believed until finally birthstones were born.

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Birthstone Necklace as Jewelry Gifts

It is generally known that women love gifts. So, birthstones necklace as jewelry gifts are the right gift for women. And we can give this special birthstone necklace to our Mom. However, mom brought us out into this world and it is not hard work to give a special gift to her. Also, birthstone necklace jewelry is a meaningful gift idea for our Mom. Therefore, you can give it on your Mom’s birthday or on Mother’s Day.

Why do you recommend giving birthstone necklace jewelry to your Mom? Because giving your Mom a month’s birthstone necklace is shown as a thankful act from children. Like because your Mom was born, then you are finally also born into this world. However, there will no be you, without your Mom. What a deep meaning behind a gift, right?

Birthstone Necklace

Now, what kind of jewelry you can choose to give as birthstone necklace jewelry gifts? Birthstone necklace jewelry comes in more than one form. Either form is good and pretty, but which one is the best for your Mom?

Necklace for Mom

Birthstones’ necklaces mostly come as pendants. As we have known there are many forms of birthstone jewelry, how about if you choose a necklace among them? The necklace is jewelry for your neck. So, the birthstone will take place as a pendant and beautify the necklace more.

You may choose your Mom’s birthstone or customize it the way you like. Moreover, one idea to custom the birthstone pendant is by making it with multiple birthstones. However, this birthstone may represent you and your siblings’ birthstone. Therefore, it can also be a reminder to your Mom, that she is the strongest woman that makes the life of her children possible.

Overall, giving birthstone necklaces to Mom is a very meaningful act. However, you may not know that it will strengthen your Mom more in her old days. Therefore, get creative with the way you choose and design the necklace. Therefore, maybe if your mother month’s birthstone is not matched hers and her taste, you may customize it. Like adding more figures or colors she likes.

That is the end of today’s discussion. May you find a birthstone necklace for Mom and make her happy.

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