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Best Ways to Use Dry Shampoo

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Dry shampoo will help out in a situation where there is no way to wash your hair. This is a good tool that will save you on the road, during periods of water cuts, and in field conditions. If you use it correctly, you can not only make your hair cleaner but also make a beautiful styling. Many people who use dry shampoo do it wrong. They apply too much product or use the product too often. Let’s take a look at why you need dry shampoo, how to use it and how often you can do it.

dry shampoo

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo usually comes in powder or spray form. So, this product is in a special bottle, with which it is very easy to distribute the product through the hair. This product removes dirt and excess oil from the surface of the hair. Many girls use dry spray during a long trip when there is no way to clean up. It absorbs sebaceous formations and sebum, giving the hair a neat fresh look.


Some ingredients are present in the composition of dry shampoo.


It absorbs a large amount of oil and dirt from the scalp and hair roots. The sorbent is usually finely ground cornmeal, rice, starch, or talc.


It is also present in the formation of spray. It works as a preservative and modifies its consistency. Therefore, it is easy to distribute the product through the hair.

Cetrimonium chloride

It is also present in the formation of dry shampoo so it becomes easier to comb out the remnants of the product from the hair.


Fragrances and oils may also be present in the formation of dry shampoo. They give it a pleasant aroma, and also make the curls more well-groomed.

Types of Dry Shampoo

Two types of dry shampoo are present in the given following:

Spray Foam

Aerosols for dry washing are suitable for thin and brittle strands. Using the shampoo in the form of spray is quite simple. The bottle needs to be shaken and sprayed at the roots of the hair. The result after using the product is stored for a long time.
So that the sprayer on the bottle does not clog, it must be regularly wiped with a damp cloth or a special cloth.

Powder Form

Using shampoo in the form of powder is perfect for oily hair.

Benefits of Dry Shampoo

1. The components of dry shampoo absorb sebum, and the hair becomes less oily.
2. Also, alternating dry and regular washing can save time and reduce the formation of sebum.
3. Also, alternate use of regular and dry shampoo will allow the hair to retain its color longer.
4. In dry shampoo, you can add any active ingredients that are suitable for your needs.
5. The fine powder of dry shampoo envelops the hair and thickens it, thereby giving extra volume to the hair.

How to use

1. Take a comb and slowly separate your hair into strands. Therefore, start with a parting: in this area, the hair is the oiliest.
2. Secure the strands with elastic bands or clips at a distance of about 5 cm from each other.
3. Moreover, shake dry shampoo bottles up and down. Do not use products that contain isobutane and butane. These components harm the environment and affect your skin.
4. Spray on the root hair at a distance of 15 cm from the head. This will separate the product evenly. Start at the roots of the hair and slowly work your way up the strands. Apply a thin layer of the product so that it lays evenly and the strands do not bound together. After using the shampoo, a white coating may form on the hair. It will be deleted when the tool is finished.
5. Leave the dry shampoo on your hair for 10-15 minutes. During this time, the fat will have time to be absorbed. The longer you leave the product on your hair, the more sebum will absorb the product.

6. Rub in the powder with your fingers. Start at the roots of the hair and slowly move towards the ends. Finish rubbing your head as soon as you feel that the shampoo has been absorbed completely.
7. Remove shampoo with a comb or brush. You can eliminate white patches by blow-drying at low temperature and high power.
8. Adjust the finished styling with your hands.

Mistakes when using

1. Do not apply dry shampoo to wet hair.
2. Having found small white particles on your hair after using dry shampoo, there is no doubt that the selected product turned out to be of low-quality cheap stuff.
3. An attempt to completely switch to “dry shampoos” is not only not justified, but is also fraught with various complications for the hair. “Dry brushing” infrequent mode leads to the fact that the hair is less nourished due to clogging of the sebaceous glands. Hair follicles do not receive nutrition. As a result, seborrhea and deterioration of the hair structure are not far off.

dry shampoo

Top 10 Best Dry Shampoo

1. Klorane Dry shampoo

For people with oily hair, Klorane dry shampoo is a real find. The brand is known for the release of medical cosmetics, and therefore dry shampoo is made based on natural ingredients, namely nettle extract, which regulates the sebaceous glands. The product also contains cyclodextrins and polysaccharides of natural origin, which have a high absorbent capacity: they absorb fat, due to which the hair looks clean. The shampoo absorbs excess sebum and allows people with oily hair to use less liquid shampoos.

dry shampoo

2. Londa Professional Deep Moisture

The main advantage of Londa Professional shampoo is its very intensive moisturizing. Penetrating the structure of the hair, it smoothes and softens them along the entire length. Already during washing off, customers feel the transformation of their curls. The moisturizing shampoo comes in a stylish bottle with a flip-top cap and a convenient dispenser. It has a fairly liquid texture of a translucent white shade. Among the components, there is mango extract and natural honey. They help to make hair manageable and provide the easiest combing. Regular use gives excellent results – shine, healthy look, getting rid of dullness and softness along the entire length.

3. L’Oreal Paris

The most popular mass brand L’Oreal could not ignore dry shampoos. Magic Shampoo Sweet Fusion has several advantages at once. First, a natural absorbent – rice powder. Secondly, the lack of pigments suits both blondes and brunettes. Thirdly, the convenient form of the sprayer – the composition falls like a fan, without a pronounced “jet” on the hair. To avoid leaving a white coating, be sure to comb out the shampoo after application.
The product in the form of a spray, a 200 ml bottle is enough for 3-4 months of irregular use. Also, customers love the unobtrusive scent. And, most importantly, the effect – the hair stays clean longer. The composition is alcohol, with a sensitive scalp, it is better to consult with your hairdresser.

dry shampoo

4. ESTEL Otium Unique

ESTEL has been producing a line of professional Otium shampoos for many years. During this time, many customers have already managed to fall in love with funds that not only cope with various problems but are also relatively inexpensive. A prominent representative of the line is Otium Unique shampoo. It is designed to normalize the sebaceous glands of the scalp, as well as moisturize dry hair. Contains nourishing calamus extract. Moreover, which has a beneficial effect on the lipid balance of the skin. The packaging is equipped with the most convenient dispenser. The volume is 250 ml, enough for an average of 1.5 months. It has a cumulative effect from applications – after a while, the curls at the roots become less greasy and less dry along the rest of the length.

dry shampoo

5. Macadamia Professional

The composition of all products of the brand includes macadamia oil, which has regenerating and rejuvenating properties, known since ancient times. Dry shampoo is no exception, it contains argan oil and macadamia oil, thanks to which it not only cleanses, but also restores hair. In addition, the tool simplifies styling, gives a small volume, and makes the hair denser.

6. Dry shampoo Volume Lift, Syoss

The formula developed in collaboration with leading hairdressers and stylists is silicone-free and includes natural absorbents: rice and oats. The tool is perfect for thin and weakened hair, it will give them a noticeable volume at the roots, so you do not have to use additional hairspray. By the way, in the Syoss line, there is the same analog only for owners of oily hair – Anti-Grease. Both products have a citrus aroma and a similar composition. Choose which one is right for you.


It combines natural absorbent (rice powder) with panthenol. This tool is suitable in the autumn-winter season when the scalp suffers from overdrying and caps. The composition gently absorbs excess fat and cares for hair follicles. The manufacturer asks to give time for drying – so the effect of purity and volume at the roots is maximum. Means in a bottle of 150 ml. According to customer reviews, this shampoo is finely dispersed, so you can forget about the white coating. Suitable for blondes and brunettes alike. The Farmacia brand belongs to the professional category of hair care.

8. Lee Stafford

The uniqueness of the dry shampoos of the British brand Lee Stafford is a wide selection of shades: there are products for blondes, brunettes, or brown-haired women. Also, having picked up the color you need, you can not worry that the powder will be noticeable on the hair. Shampoo formally belongs to the Poker Straight line for hair straightening, but it does not have any smoothing effect, at least nothing of the kind is stated in the instructions either. However, an incomparable advantage is that the product is available in a 50 ml package, the can-easily fit even in the smallest cosmetic bag.

9. Pillow Proof Redken Dry shampoo

The tool has such an effective absorbent effect that the styling really can not be refreshed for at least two more days. Girls with dyed hair should not worry either, the shampoo is suitable for regular use, and the color will remain saturated and bright.

10. Styliste Ultime

After applying dry shampoo, the hair will not become clean, but it will look better and fresher. The weightless formula of Schwarzkopf Dry Shampoo with Biotin Complex not only instantly refreshes hair without shampooing, but also gives instant volume to the root zone. The shampoo is sprayed under high pressure, so it lays down evenly, coloring the hair roots white.

dry shampoo

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