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Best Ways to Use a Face Cleanser

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Washing your face every day is a very important skincare routine. Dust particles, skin sebum, and other impurities that accumulate on the surface of the epidermis during the day clog pores, the skin does not “breathe” and eventually becomes gray, tired, and micro-inflammation appears on it. Proper washing with a face cleanser can combat these problems.

Form of Cleanser


Generally, this type of cleanser is suitable for all skin types. The gel has a rather dense texture, but it contains a lot of surfactants.


The product has an airy texture. The foam is more gentle on the skin than the gel. In addition, it usually contains fewer surfactants.


This tool has a fairly dense texture. The milk must be washed off. Often, the manufacturer includes additional nutritional and caring components in its composition.


Facial cleansing rules

  1. Clean your skin regularly. It is important to do this both in the morning and in the evening. Some are mistaken in thinking that in the morning the skin is clean, because. she has no makeup on. This is not true. While we sleep, our skin is actively restored through metabolic processes. In the morning, you need to remove traces of this work and prepare the skin for applying to daycare.
  2. Wash your face only with products that suit your skin type. Dehydration, breakage of the protective barrier, and other problems are often the result of incorrect, aggressive cleansing with inappropriate products.
  3. After washing, dry your face with a clean towel. It is advisable to have mini-towels for this purpose and change them daily. An important point: we never rub the skin, but gently blot it.
  4. Be sure to remove makeup before going to bed: due to the remnants of decorative cosmetics, skin inflammations appear, and pores become clogged.
  5. After cleansing your skin, always apply your basic skincare routine. In the morning – to protect, and at night – to restore the skin.

Why cleanse your face

Without high-quality and proper cleansing, there is no beautiful and healthy skin. Every day, dead cells, dust, sebum, and cosmetic particles accumulate on the surface of the skin. If you do not regularly clean the skin, its condition will worsen.

Signs of poor skin cleansing

If the skin is not sufficiently cleaned, then even the most expensive cream or serum will not give any effect. It will seem to you that cosmetics do not work, although you are doing everything right. The reason is that the active components of skincare products simply cannot work through clogged pores. Another thing is clean healthy skin. It looks smooth, hydrated, and radiant.

Skin Cleansing

This is the first stage of facial skincare, without which even luxury cosmetics are a waste of money. They cleanse the skin twice a day: morning procedures get rid of the remnants of evening care products and sebum that has developed at night, and during the evening, makeup is removed and impurities accumulated during the day are removed.
Beauty products should be selected taking into account the type of skin: dry creamy products are suitable, for example, foams or mousses; gels have a more liquid consistency, so they are ideal for oily skin.
The tool is close to ideal if it contains mild cleansing components (Coco-Betaine, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Capryl Glucoside), acids (salicylic, glycolic, or lactic), and ceramides. The former does not violate the lipid barrier, which means they help retain moisture inside. The latter exfoliate dead cells, cleanse pores, reduce sebum secretion, and fight blackheads. Still, others strengthen the skin’s protective barrier. But aggressive surfactants and mineral oils are best avoided.

Skin cleansing steps:

1.  In the morning, use your usual cleanser according to your skin type (foam, gel, or mousse). In the evening it is better to wash in two stages. First hydrophilic oil or micellar water, then foam or gel.
2. Wash your face with warm water. Hot water dilates blood vessels and causes reddening of the skin. Cold, on the one hand, reduces puffiness, and on the other hand, leads to irritation and dryness.
3. Usually, when performing facial skincare, cleansing is perceived as the fastest step: applied, washed off, and moved on. It’s better not to do that. After softening the skin with warm water, proceed to the cleansing product. Apply milk, oil, lotion, foam, or cream for washing with massaging movements and move along the lymphatic massage lines. This will take half a minute. If you have a gel, lather it up with your palms and apply in circular motions to your chin, cheeks, and forehead, avoiding the eye area. You can connect various assistants: sponges and brushes. True, they absorb the product and spend it faster.
4. The final touch of this skincare step is to gently pat your face dry with a paper towel. Avoid aggressive, abrupt movements so as not to injure the skin.

Skin Toning

Toning is carried out twice a day after the cleansing stage of skincare. A morning ritual will help to cheer up and prepare for applying makeup. Evening toning of the skin will remove the remaining particles of cosmetics, balance the pH after cleansers and tap water, and enhance the effect of a moisturizer.
You can apply a beauty product in three ways: with a cotton pad, a cloth napkin, or with your hands:
1. The first option is suitable for girls with any skin type. Cleanse the skin, moving from the central part of the face to the periphery, and in any case, do not press on the disc. When you wipe the neck and décolleté area, move to the chin, that is, from the bottom up.
2. The second option is ideal for those with sensitive skin. Moisten a tissue with a tonic and, pressing lightly, simply place it on the face as if it were a mask. Wait a few seconds – done!
3. The third option allows you to use the product more economically and relieves the skin of friction. Dispense a small amount between the palms and press them to the face several times.
now we’re ready for the next step in skincare! The tonic does not need to be washed off: it was created just to enhance the effect of moisturizing and nourishing products applied later.

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Skin Hydration

The goal of your morning beauty routine is to keep your skin protected throughout the day. Therefore, it is so important to actively moisturize and protect it from the sun, pollution, blue radiation from gadgets, and stress.
Apply moisturizer immediately after the toner is absorbed. The best option for this stage of facial skincare is light textures with a rich formula. A dense product with a greasy consistency will not work, especially if you use foundations. Take the cream with your fingertips and warm it a little by holding it on the skin. Delicately distribute the product along the massage lines: from the middle of the chin to the ears, from the wings of the nose to the auricle, and so on. The effect of the morning cream will be more noticeable if the massage lasts until it is completely absorbed and takes about 4 minutes.

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How to Choose Skincare products

Daily home skincare is individual. Do not neglect the advice of a beautician and choose your care products. Means for daily skincare should be selected by a cosmetologist regarding the type and condition of the skin, age, and the presence of skin defects.

10 Best Face Cleanser

1. Colorescience Face Cleanser

The most unusual form factor of this Colorescience product is a powder that must be mixed with water in the palm of your hand. The result is an all-in-one cleanser, the Illuminating Cleanser, that washes away make-up and washes and acts as a gentle exfoliant. But for the skin around the eyes, it is still not worth using – it contains salicylic acid.

face cleanser

2. Cleansing micellar water

It works well even with waterproof cosmetics – completely soak a cotton pad with this product and wipe your face. And if you do commit a beauty crime and fall asleep with makeup on, this micellar water will help you get rid of the make-up residue in the morning and moisturize your skin – it contains glycerin and panthenol, which will soothe it.

face cleanser

3. Dior Face Cleanser

The mousse is on glacier water and antioxidants, so it removes make-up very gently and delicately. Squeeze out a pea-sized amount and spread it over the face. Cleans the skin “to a squeak”: not only removes makeup but also cleans the pores.

face cleanser

4. Garnier Face Cleanser

A new round in the evolution of micellar water has become a make-up remover gel with micelles. It easily copes with light daily makeup and does not dry the skin.

5. Bioderma Face Cleanser

Micellar water helps to quickly cleanse the skin to create the next look. With your goal – just to remove the make-up to go to bed with a clear conscience – it will also cope. Tip: do not spare the product – completely soak a cotton pad with it, and then proceed to cleanse. Alcohol-Free: Ideal for sensitive skin.

face cleanser

6. Micellar milk Sage

It is for sensitive and dry skin. Micellar milk is slightly liquid and has an herbal aroma and a light texture. Removes powder and light foundation well. After washing, the skin is not wet, which is very important in the winter period.

7. Green Gel Face Cleanser

The gel has an impressive volume – 100 ml, while it is very economical. A pea is enough to cleanse the skin. However, the product foams well and has a slight fragrance. Therefore, it removes multiple layers of make-up very gently. But waterproof mascara uses water for washing purposes.

8. Terry Face Cleanser

However, it makes the skin radiant – this is the merit of the white rose. Because, its extract exfoliates dead cells – after that, the face begins to breathe. Therefore, the combination of tea and white roses soothes the skin, relieves redness, and leaves you smelling like you just walked through a blooming garden.

9. Cleansing milk Essential Milk

It has a creamy texture and a spring, light, “transparent” aroma of happiness. However, it contains magnolia extract. Therefore, the skin after cleansing does not creak, but it seems soft and silky. Also0, a 200 ml dispenser bottle is not particularly convenient to take on trips, but it is comfortable to use at home in the bathroom.

10. Hydrophilic makeup remover

Also, take a couple of drops, heat it in your palms, and rub it into the skin with massage movements (you can safely apply it to your eyes. However, the product does not sting, and leave it for a couple of minutes, and then remove it with water: the oil begins to foam and is easy to wash off with makeup. Therefore, the composition contains oils of sunflower seeds, sweet almonds, and grape seeds.

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