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best liquid foundation for 2022

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best liquid foundation for 2022

Are you worried about dark circles under the eyes, redness, or pimples on the face? Does your skin look tired and stale after stress or long vacations? All these problems and shortcomings will help neutralize such a wonderful cosmetic product as the best liquid foundation.

What is the face’s best liquid foundation?

Concealer is understood as a cosmetic product for the spot masking of small blemishes on the face. Its first prototype was developed back in 1928 in the United States when professional chemist Lydia O’Leary in the laboratory invented a means to disguise a birthmark on her face.

For several more years, beauticians tried a new product, using it to “fight” burns and other serious problems. A classic foundation called “Concealer” was released by the legendary Max Factor in 1954. It’s strange that the first package of the product sold out in a few days.

What is this medicine for?

The main purpose and task of the concealer is to mask imperfections such as dark circles under the eyes, enlarged pores, spider veins, wrinkles, redness, freckles, etc. However, the scope of this tool is much wider. Experienced beauticians, makeup artists, and bloggers specializing in personal care have found several more applications for it.

  • Lip primer. Want to improve the durability and color of your lipstick, but don’t have a dedicated primer on hand? Then use concealer. You just have to wait a few minutes for the product to absorb, and only then paint your lips.
  • exterior design. Use dark and light concealers to impress those around you with chiseled cheekbones, a neat nose or a high forehead. They should be applied according to a certain plan and carefully shaded.
  • Eyebrow makeup. To make your brows look fuller and more natural, apply concealer to hairs and then use your usual product. The look of the eyebrows will surely make you happy.
  • Visual lip augmentation. Try to spread the tonal product in the middle of the lips, using gentle movements to “hug” it into the skin. And only then apply nude lipstick or transparent gloss on top.
  • In addition, with the help of concealer, you can occasionally correct mistakes and flaws in your makeup. For example, if you drew the arrows on the eyelids unevenly or exaggerated it with eyebrow color. Therefore, concealer is not just a foundation, but a kind of magic wand for every woman.

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How is a concealer different from a concealer?

Face concealers are often confused with correctors, and some are absolutely certain that they are one and the same product. Sometimes they are really interchangeable, as they perform a similar function – they mask skin imperfections. But nevertheless, there are some serious differences between them, which are worth talking about in more detail.

Corrective concealer

It is applied topically or to hide large skin blemishes. It is applied exclusively on a spot basis – for example on pimples or age spots.
The texture is light, and transparent, and combines with other masking products.

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The structure is dense, dense, when applied in large quantities it will be felt on the skin.
Conventional nude products are only applied to the foundation.

It is distributed to specific places before applying foundation, foundation, and concealer.
Gives a little moisture to the skin, and usually does not contain additional medical components.

dries the skin, and contains salicylic acid and other healing ingredients.
Often (but not necessarily) there are different nude shades. Color shades are the exception and not the rule. Green, yellow, pink, orange, and purple colors are added to the shades here (it all depends on the goal).

However, there are also colored concealers, in addition, these two products are similar in form (they are in the form of liquid, pencil, powder, etc.).

Sometimes the manufacturers themselves confuse or mix up these concepts, so on the shelves, you can find both boxes with multi-colored concealers and palettes with nude fixtures.

What to choose in the end is up to you of course. However, experts advise having these two cosmetic products in your arsenal.

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