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Best hairdryer 

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Best hairdryer



Recently, the interest in companies increase
cosmetics market, where the increase attributed
the request of cosmetics is very high, where the
sales of cosmetics and hair care in 2015 60.58 billion,

suffering from economic and food crisis and the spread
of poverty and hunger is unparalleled, but the statistics
back to tell us that this is the same home from recording
the first numbers in the lists of recreational consumption
and on top of that sales of cosmetics and Perfume.
Perfume sales of cosmetics and Powders at the top
Arab region in the rates of cosmetics and perfumes
consumption in the world, with an average value of
purchases of individual Arab Wahid average of
cosmetics cosmetics and perfumes to $ 334, and form
of Gulf percentage of women older than recorded
estimates cosmetics sales volume in the Arab region
and the whole three billion dollars in 2010, and is
perhaps the Lebanese market revived the sale of tools
and cosmetics markets, estimated spending on
cosmetics in the Gulf at about 6 billion Real per year.

And in Egypt, the study confirmed that women, in
charge of their husbands about 3 billion Egyptian
pounds annually, Jordanian women working deducted
from their monthly income on average 20% of expenditure on cosmetics, according to studies, with an annual Jordan’s imports of cosmetics 55 million dinars

Market value


The volume of perfume market in the Middle
East, 3.9 billion dollars, which represents 20% of the size
of the perfume market in the United States, which
market in the world, and represent the Arab perfume
sold in perfume Gulf market only quarter, according to
the Arab Fragrance Foundation data, the Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia where the largest Fragrances market in the
billion over the next three years, Emirati women spend
about a billion dirhams. Lotions and cosmetic treatments
a year, as the size of the women’s perfume market there
are about 92 million in 2014, with the rise 9% per annum
in the perfume consumption rate of the hair care market
rose by 12% between 2008 and 2013, Saudi Arabia is
among the women spent the most women in this area
between the women of the world and compared to
women of Gulf, where Saudi women spent in 2013, $ 2.4
billion on cosmetics is expected that this sector is
growing by 11% this year.

Recent updates


According to a recent market research from
Euro monitor International, conducted in partnership
with Beauty world Middle East, the largest international
trade fair for cosmetics and fragrances in the Middle
East, the hair care market in the Kingdom of Saudi
Arabia (KSA) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is
expected to reach US$ 524.2 million in 2012 and US$
566 million by 2014.With over 30,000 hair salons the
Arabian Gulf is a potentially huge marketplace and
could become a key target for major international hair
care brands, Hair care is set to outperform all other
cosmetics and toiletries sectors in the UAE.

The sector is projected to grow at a CAGR [1] of 12% between the
2008 and 2013 period and should reach US$ 137.8
million in 2014. Current estimates put the number of hair
salons in the UAE in excess of 3,000. However, the
largest market for hair care products in the Arabian Gulf
region is Saudi Arabia, which is expected to be worth an
estimated US$ 428.2 million in 2014. The other countries
such as Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman are also
significant markets in this sector, “Hair care is a quick
growing segment in the overall beauty product mix in
this region,” said Ahmed Pauwels, Chief Executive
Officer of Epoch Messe Frankfurt, the organizer of the
show, “The harsh climatic conditions that prevail here for
most of the year, have led to a boom in sales of

Best hairdryer, also called a blow dryer, is an electrical device used to dry and fashion hair. It uses an electric fan to blow air throughout a heating coil; as the air passes via the dryer it heats up. When the warm air reaches moist hair it enables evaporate the water.



The first handheld best hairdryer seemed in the marketplace in 1925. It produced most effective one hundred watts of heat and consequently did not have enough power to dry hair speedy. It weighed over a(1 kg) because it became fabricated from heavy metallic and zinc. Over the following two decades engineers improved the design of hairdryers and managed to triple the heat output, elevating it to 300 watts. By means of the sixties, similarly enhancements in electrical era allowed the production of hairdryers with as much as 500 watts of electricity.


Inside the late 1970s, manufacturers of  best hairdryer started out to consciousness in improving the safety of dryers. Early hairdryers were dangerous because if they accidentally got here in contact with water they would short circuit and motive an electrical shock.


The study assessed changes in the ultra-structure, morphology, moisture content, and color of hair after repeated shampooing and drying with a hair dryer at a range of temperatures.

There is masses of recorded cases of accidental electrocutions because a hairdryer turned into dropped into a bath or sink full of water at the same time as it changed into getting used. Within the past due nineteen seventies the consumer merchandise safety fee (cpsc) recommended tips for hairdryer producers to follow that might create safer merchandise.


The energy of best hairdryers changed into constrained through the electrical cars available. By the 1990s transportable hairdryers may want to produce over 1500 watts of warmth.

Enhancements in plastic generation and the discovery of new insulating substances made viable a new technology of light-weight hairdryers. Cutting-edge hair dryers can produce up 2000 watts of warmth and can dry hair faster than ever earlier than.


One of the key factors to do not forget while designing a portable hairdryer is the quantity of heating electricity it may produce. Because warm air is capable of absorbing greater moisture than bloodless air, the temperature of the airflow is vital.

Via calculating the specific warmth of the air and knowledge the maximum temperature that can be used with out burning the pores and skin, engineers can calculate the quantity of power required for the heating element in hairdryer.


This guarantees that the tool will generate sufficient heat to dry the hair quick. However, it is not sufficient to absolutely improve the temperature of the hair; the air have to additionally pass rapidly through the hair for green moisture elimination.

Therefore, the efficiency of the fan is also a important consideration. Some other key design criterion is the safety of the device. First, the hairdryer ought to not become so warm that it burns the person for the duration of operation.

The plastic housing

Ought to remain at a comfy temperature and cannot overheat otherwise it can soften or catch hearth. To clear up this trouble, engineers have developed temperature cutoff switches that prevent the heating coil from getting too warm.  2d, the hair dryer have to no longer motive electric shock.

A unique shock safeguard, a ground fault circuit interrupter (gfci), is used in contemporary hair dryers to save you unintended electrocution different elements to recall consist of the load of the unit and a user-friendly layout.

These are assembled from a series of additives together with the electrical motor, the fan blade, copper wiring, switching mechanisms, and various different electric components. The plastics used to make the outside shell of the hair dryer need to be long lasting, but light-weight.

The manufacturing procedure


The electrical motor and fan blades arrive at the producing plant pre-assembled. Hairdryers produce heat in the same style that a toaster does: by way of passing electric powered current via a wire.


Unlike other electrical wires made from copper, nichrome will no longer rust at excessive temperatures. This wire looks like a coiled spring and can be as much as 12 in (30 cm) lengthy. They are wrapped around an insulating board so that the complete heating element is just a few inches lengthy.


The insulating board


This is typically made of mica, a mineral that could stand excessive levels of warmth. Flat pieces of mica numerous inches lengthy are related to shape what seems like a three-dimensional “x.” notches are cut in the edges of this board such that once the nichrome twine is wrapped across the board it suits snugly into those slots.

At the quit of the twine there’s a connection to the circuit that controls the electricity supply. Extra warmness is produced as modern-day is fed to a more part of the twine. The heating element used in current hair dryers can produce up to 2000 watts of warmth energy.


The frame of the hairdryer


Includes a gun shaped plastic shell. This shell is split into  sections to permit for clean meeting. The plastic elements are created by using injection molding, a manner that entails injecting warm, molten plastic (inclusive of polypropylene) right into a stainless-steel die. While the die is opened, the plastic elements are eliminated.

One aspect of the plastic shell has a series of holes molded into it while the matching half of has a chain of quick pins.


Those help align the two halves in the course of manufacture and hold them firmly attached.

The deal with of the gun incorporates the transfer apparatus and the controls to perform the dryer. The long barrel of the device incorporates the heating detail. Next to the motor is an air consumption air inlet.

On the cease of the barrel is some other shielding screen that stops every person from sticking their palms or other long gadgets into the heating element.




Dryers include a safety cut off transfer that forestalls the temperature of the drier from exceeding one hundred forty°f (60°c).

The temperature within the drier will increase, the strip will bend one manner or another as the steel strips extend at specific prices.


This fuse has a small steel strip that melts if the temperature of the circuit exceeds a certain amount. This breaks the circuit and instantly cuts strength to the drier.



 Early hair dryers used dozens of screws to fasten the shell palms to region. Because of greater efficient designs, modern models best require a few key screw additives. This facilitates manage price and decrease assembly time.


The Feature


At the same time as the satisfactory of portable hair dryers has stepped forward during the last 70 years there has been little change to their essential design.


A few manufacturers are specializing in improving the appearance in their products and try to please more youthful uses by making dryers in designer colorations or with clean plastic.

It is also viable that technological breakthroughs may additionally make new kinds of hair dryers possible.

It stays to be visible if manufacturers will reply through advertising and marketing hair dryers changed for those unique uses.


The hair dryer is not so bad, in fact, it is good if you use it well as it prevents bacteria from accumulating on the scalp and that is a great help for girls suffering from fungus, dandruff, irritation, or other problems on the scalp. Besides as they read, the dryer, well used, even exceeds the natural drying of hair. Surprising, is not it?

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