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Best Earrings Jewelry Box in 2022

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Looking for the best earrings jewelry box to keep your earrings organized?
You’ve come to the right place! If you collect jewelry, you know that while diamonds and other gemstones are durable, leaving such expensive pieces lying around doesn’t make sense. As a result, jewelry boxes were created. Jewelry boxes have evolved to accommodate various types of jewelry. While most jewelry boxes can be used to store earrings, I’ve chosen the ones I thought were the best. Let’s get started.

What Are the Best Jewelry Boxes for Earrings?

If you own jewelry, you’ll need a safe place to keep all of your pieces safe and in good condition. The best way to keep your jewelry safe is in a storage area or a jewelry box. While many jewelry boxes are designed to hold pendants, earrings, and rings, some are only intended to have pairs of earrings.

The best jewelry boxes for earrings should have features such as LED lights, tarnish-free interiors, and other functions that help keep your jewelry in good condition. It should also have multiple compartments to accommodate all of the different earrings that one may have in their collection.

Are Best Jewelry Boxes for Earrings Expensive?

The cost of organizers varies depending on the size, number of compartments, and materials used.


There are made of plastic, faux leather, and solid wood. Solid wood jewelry storage boxes can be pretty costly, and exceptionally handcrafted. Jewelry box prices can rise due to details or functions. For example, if your jewelry box is hand-painted, it will almost certainly be more expensive than one made of faux leather.


Few jewelry boxes include LED lights for better visibility when trying on the perfect pair in terms of functionality. Some may consist of magnified mirrors to make it easier to put on earrings. For many things, cheap does not imply poor quality. When it comes to storing valuable jewelry, however, you should consider purchasing one that costs more than $20.

What Characteristics Should You Look for in the Best Earring Jewelry Boxes?

The first thing you should consider when shopping for earrings is your style.

Examine Your Personality

If you like large hoops or long dangly earrings, many jewelry trays don’t have enough space for them to sit safely.

To avoid scuffs and tarnishing, make it larger

I would argue that a jewelry tray is not the best option for mixed jewelry because it causes earrings to jingle and scratches other gemstones. Remember that, while diamonds are the hardest mineral, they can scratch other diamonds if they become entangled with other diamonds. Also, storing sterling silver stud earrings with other sterling silver stud earrings will cause them to tarnish. As a result, when looking for the best jewelry organizer, choose one that gives your earrings their own space, such as a jewelry tree or a jewelry stand. You should also ensure that the durability is intact.

Earrings Jewelry Box

Consider the durability

Some jewelry boxes made of thin particleboard, for example, have been known to cave. Above all, make sure the jewelry box you’re buying is functional. Don’t go looking for the most or prettiest compartments. Look for a jewelry box that will accommodate your collection, whether large or small. Most people prefer to keep their jewelry collection in a box, at least for minor to moderate groups. You should invest in a storage case, hanging organizer, or even a jewelry cabinet if you have an extensive collection.

How Should You Clean Your Jewelry Box?

When caring for jewelry boxes, you’ll want to ensure you’re using the appropriate chemicals for the various materials. Except for cloth-like materials such as velvet, the safest way to clean most jewelry holders is with mild soap and water.

Where Can I Find An Earrings Jewelry Box?

In general, I like to refer people to for small accessories and lower-priced jewelry (such as an earring case). Amazon offers a wide variety of jewelry displays, such as travel jewelry cases and stackable cases. Amazon has a jewelry box for everyone, whether you have a small collection of your favorite pieces or an extensive collection of various jewelry pieces.

Best Jewelry Boxes for Earrings

Earring Organizer Holder by Glenor Co (Best of the Best)

Glenor Co. is my top choice for the best jewelry box for earrings. Unlike other jewelry boxes that have necklace hooks and ring holders, this jewelry box is specifically designed for earrings. The compartments can hold earrings of all shapes and sizes. The best part is that it takes into account the various sizes! Two drawers are provided for more oversized earrings, such as diamond hoops or chandelier earrings. The top slots can easily accommodate studs and dangly earrings and another pair in the individual compartments.

Because this jewelry box is also made of PU leather, keep an eye out for tears. This jewelry box appeals to me because it is the only one on Amazon that was explicitly designed for earring storage rather than jewelry in general. The cost is reasonable but not cheap. It says you can put rings in them, but I wouldn’t recommend letting them rattle around in there. Furthermore, if you don’t like the jewelry box for any reason, Glenor Co offers a money-back guarantee, which is ideal for hesitant buyers. It also comes in its gift box and is well-packaged for safe delivery.

Organizer for Longest Jewelry Box (Best Value)

This small jewelry box from Longest is ideal for storing a small collection of jewelry or earrings. It is made of faux leather and is available in black, navy, red, light blue, pink, and white. Faux leather is also waterproof and resistant to sun damage. The box’s compact size makes it ideal as a travel jewelry organizer and can fit snugly in a purse or bag.

The top’s arch also makes it easier to lay flush against things in your purse. Travel jewelry boxes are ideal for transporting all your favorite jewelry safely while on vacation. The middle flap, where you keep all of your stud earrings, allows quick flipping through the collection and eliminates the need to dig through deep holes to find the perfect pair. There are necklace hooks on the case, but they are useless. When this jewelry box is in a purse, it shakes. Necklace chains, especially delicate ones, can fall off those hooks and become tangled. You don’t want to spend hours untangling a jumble of necklaces.

While this jewelry box can hold a lot, it can’t do so comfortably. When you fill it up, your items appear a little crowded, making it difficult to grab that pair without knocking. You should also keep faux leather away from anything that could damage or puncture it. Polyurethane leather also has a distinct chemical odor.

KLOUD City Tow-Layer Lint Journey Box Organizer

When looking for a place to store your earrings, this jewelry organizer by Kloud City is another good option. It has various sizes and compartments that help for placing multiple earrings. There are some great slots to lay your pendants or bracelets in if you want to keep other jewelry in it. You can also choose between a black jewelry organizer and a light blue jewelry organizer. I do wish there were more color options.

This jewelry case has a removable tray, which allows you to use the ample space beneath for more earrings. You can also keep some bangle bracelets in there. It has adequate storage space for spare jewelry collection. Unfortunately, there isn’t much personal space for earrings. If it spoils, you’ll have to polish it again.

Beautiful Tree Jewelry Cabinet

When you have a lot of jewelry, you should probably consider purchasing an armoire or jewelry cabinet. This jewelry armoire functions as a full-length mirror as well. It comes pre-assembled, so all you have to do is snap on the legs. This cabinet has 24 necklace hooks, 78 ring grooves, 108 stud earring holes, 36 earring slots, four shelves, two bracelet rods, three makeup tool cups, and two deep bottom drawers.

The best part is that it blends in with its surroundings. Because it merely resembles a mirror, it provides greater security for your priceless possessions. However, while it is a fantastic product, it is not suitable for everyone. Not everyone has or wishes to have such an extensive jewelry collection. If you only have a few key pieces in your earring collection, a jewelry armoire like this isn’t for you. You’ll want something small, like the Longest Jewelry Box Organizer.

Kendal Jewelry Box Case Made of Real Wood/Wooden

This jewelry tray is solely for earrings. It is a small jewelry organizer that can hold 55 pairs of earrings. However, it is not to accommodate more oversized earrings. Dangly earrings are still acceptable as long as they are not too long. The price is low, but the application is for earrings and rings. Some people put chains in small compartments, but I do not recommend it. You run a much greater risk of your delicate chains tangling and forming impossible knots.

Unlike most jewelry boxes in this price range, the clear top is glass. I wish it came in more colors, but the grey is lovely. The case is very easy to handle. The top view also lets you see your entire collection at once, making it easier and more efficient to find what you need when you need it. There’s no need to rummage through drawers. Shipping appears to be an issue with the product itself. The glass is delicate and can shatter during shipping. Some users have also complained about the product’s odor. The earring slots do not hold all of the earrings in place and cause them to move around.

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