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Best Baby High Chair in 2022

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Choosing a high chair for your baby is a significant step for you and your child. Their highchair will quickly become the most important seat at the table, allowing your baby to participate in mealtimes. Some different models to choose from, some of which double as baby bouncers or reclines to hold your newborn, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you find the best one for you, your baby, and your kitchen.

Graco Table2Table Premier Fold 7 In 1 Convertible

To begin our best baby high chairs list, we’ve chosen an all-singing, all-dancing model. One of the most adaptable high chairs on the market is the Graco Table2Table Premier Fold High Chair. It is suitable for use as early as six months and can be adjusted to meet your baby’s changing needs up to the age of six years. The highchair can also be adjusted to seat two children simultaneously. This makes it a good choice when you have twins or have regular play dates at friends’ houses.

The high chair can be adjusted to five different heights, allowing it to be used at almost any table. There’s also a removable footrest that adjusts to three different positions. This is useful as your baby grows because it prevents their legs from dangling in an uncomfortable position. The Graco Table2Table also has three reclining positions and folds flat for easy storage and transportation. This high chair also converts to an infant booster seat, an infant recliner, a toddler booster chair, and a toddler-sized table and chair, in addition to all of these cool features.

Simple Fold with 3-Position Tray by Cosco

The Cosco Simple Fold High Chair is a low-cost, no-fuss high chair ideal for frugal moms. Let’s start with the appearance. This baby high chair is available in ten different patterns and colors, each of which is stylish and eye-catching. Every kitchen or dining room will find something to their liking. It also has a simple fold-up design that takes seconds to set up or collapse. This makes it a good choice for busy moms who need to move their high chairs from room to room or house to house.

If you’re short on space at home, the compact size when folded is ideal. Fold it flat and tuck it behind a door, sofa, or under the bed. Both the seat pad and the back are wipeable and easy to clean. The fabric covers are also soft and gentle on your child’s skin while still being tough enough to withstand a beating. We also like how this model has a built-in leg rest. This is especially useful for taller toddlers, whose feet tend to dangle down without it.

Wooden High Chair with Tray Abiie Beyond

The Abiie Beyond Junior Y High Chair is a chair for life, not just a high chair. It can be used for children as young as six months old who are just beginning to experiment with solid foods. However, as your child grows, so will this chair. So much so that it can accommodate a 250lb adult! The Abiie Beyond’s EZ Seat system is not only multifunctional, but it is also quick and easy to use. This chair’s functions can be switched in less than 30 seconds and without any tools!

The adjustable 3 or 5-point harness is another excellent feature of this baby high chair. This means it can be tailored to your child’s changing needs. When they are old enough, the tray can be easily removed, allowing them to sit at the table with the rest of the family while the harness keeps them safe and secure. We especially like how fashionable the Abiie Beyond Junior Y High Chair is. In any home, the solid wood design looks timeless and classic. The seat covers are available in six different colors, so you’re sure to find something to match any decor or color scheme. You can also buy new seat covers separately to update your look effortlessly.

Fisher-Price High Chair with Space Saver

The Fisher-Price Space Saver is ideal for busy moms looking for a portable high chair. This model, as opposed to traditional baby high chairs, takes up half the space. It attaches to most dining chairs and allows your baby to sit up close to the action with the adults. The seat has two adjustable height settings, allowing it to grow with your child. There are also four tummy adjustments so that this seat can be used for small infants as young as six months old or through your child’s toddler years.

According to many parents, the Fisher-Price Space Saver is even more durable than a traditional high chair. It easily snaps onto the majority of seats. Because of its small size, it’s ideal for visiting a restaurant, cafe, or friends’ and family’s homes. The removable tray insert is one of our favorite features of the Fisher-Price Space Saver. It is easy to put on and take off while your baby is in the high chair. It also fits right into the dishwasher and can be easily removed to be cleaned in the middle of a meal.

Sit Right High Chair is a Baby Trend.

This is yet another no-fuss, low-cost option for busy moms. The Baby Trend Sit Right folds up into a small, portable package. As a result, it is ideal for sharing between two households. It’s also great for taking to a restaurant or a friend’s house. Despite its small, foldable size, this high chair has exciting features. Six different height positions accommodate most tabletops.

The tallest one can even reach the breakfast bar. There are also three reclining positions to ensure that your child is as comfortable as possible. The Baby Trend Sit Right is also simple to maintain. Both the top and main trays snap on and off. They are dishwasher safe and easily wiped down in between washes. The fabric on the seat is also easy to clean, and there are no small cracks or crevices to collect dirt.

Ciao! Portable Outdoor set for Babies

If your family enjoys spending time outside, this is the baby high chair for you. The Ciao! Baby is lightweight and foldable, ideal for camping, beach trips, picnics, sporting events, and other outdoor activities. No need to worry about stains or debris from messy eaters because the chair is made of a strong, durable, and wipe-clean fabric.

The Ciao! The baby folds into a slim, compact shape. Thanks to its super simple design, it folds out and locks into place in seconds, with no assembly required. It also folds up in seconds. Like any other camping chair, it comes with a carry bag. It’s small enough to fit in a car, a closet, or under a bed. This baby high chair also includes a built-in tray and a cup holder, both of which are easy to clean. A five-point safety harness is also included to keep your child safe.

Infantino 4-in-1

The Infantino 4 In 1 High Chair’s first impression is adorable. The chair itself features a cute fox character that your child will adore. This high chair is not only fashionable, but it is also functional. With Infantino, you get four products in one. The first is a high chair that saves space. This attaches to almost any type of dining chair, allowing your child to feel like a big kid at the table. The high reclining chair is the next option. The legs on the ground are ideal for both bottle feeding and regular solid food consumption.

The Infantino can also be used as a booster seat for your child. When they’re big enough, it transforms into cute toddler chair. The Infantino 4 in 1 has two lockable front wheels that simplify the maneuver. There’s also a built-in footrest, so your child’s legs don’t have to dangle down as they grow. Another feature we like is how simple it is to clean. The meal mat is dishwasher safe and always comes out spotless. The rest of the chair is simple to clean after each meal. The tray is also removable, making it simple to get your child in and out of this baby high chair.

3-in-1 Grow & Go by Safety 1st

Another model with multiple functions is the Safety 1st 3 in 1 Grow and Go High Chair. It is for an infant reclining high chair, a toddler high chair, or a child seat for older children. Thanks to the infant recliner’s three reclining positions, your baby can explore the new world of solid foods in comfort.

The toddler high chair has an adjustable footrest, so their toes aren’t left dangling. It also adjusts to six different height positions, making it suitable for most tables. When they outgrow the high chair stage, remove the tray to convert this into a booster seat for older children. The Safety 1st also folds down into a small package, making it easy to store out of the way. It is also light enough to take with you when you see relatives or have playdates at other people’s houses. The four lockable wheels make it simple to move around a room.

Another great advantage of this baby high chair is its ease of cleaning. The insert tray easily pops off and fits into the dishwasher. The rest of the tray or the chair is also simple to clean. This high chair earns the brand name ‘Safety 1st.’ The solid base eliminates any wobble, and it feels incredibly sturdy even with the most rambunctious toddlers inside. There’s also a 5-point safety harness to keep your child safe and secure.

What to look for when purchasing a set

Age suitability: 

Always check to see what age group the highchair is appropriate for. Many highchairs are suitable from birth, while others are only suitable from 6 months when they begin weaning. In our roundup, we’ve included age suitability.


When you have a little kitchen or dining area, choose a high chair. It can store and require less space. In our top picks, we’ve included the dimensions.


As mothers, we understand how messy our children can be. As a result, many parents value cleaning a highchair efficiently. We have included the materials in our list so you can see how simple it will be to keep it clean.


When you have trouble lifting heavy objects or want to quickly move your highchair from room to room, a lightweight chair or one with wheels may be a good choice.


Most high chairs are in various seat styles, ranging from rockers to booster seats, and can accommodate children as young as 12 years old! If you want a high chair that will grow with your child, look at its many functions.

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