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Best Baby Bottles In 2022

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Like most things when you have a baby, buying the right bottles can be a minefield and become overwhelming.
Your baby may be bottle-fed exclusively. If you’re breastfeeding, you may prefer to have the possibility of using a bottle in certain situations. So that others can feed them. We understand how exhausting those early days can be (does anyone remember what a full night’s sleep feels like? ). However, we want to ensure that your baby’s bottles are the least of your concerns.

We have the best bottles for newborns for you.

Natural Baby Bottle by Philips Avent

Since 1984, Philips Avent baby bottles have been popular, and it’s easy to see why. They’re a great all-arounder, with different size teats and bottles, and are easy to clean. It works well with other Avent products, such as breast pumps and training cup tops for when they’re older. Just make sure to secure the teat in place. As it may collapse otherwise (though our babies didn’t seem to mind!).

Angled Vented Evenflo Feeding Bottles

This Evenflo 6-pack of bottles comes in teal, navy, and grey color schemes. It is sold with slow-flow nipples, which are ideal for babies. Who is just starting on bottles? Proflo Venting Technology, patented by Evenflo, is a one-piece system. It promotes healthy feedings by keeping milk bubbles out of the baby’s stomach. Meanwhile, the angled shape of these bottles promotes a semi-upright feeding posture. It has been shown to reduce earaches, reflux, and gas. This bottle is simple to clean and hold. It is compatible with a wide range of breast pumps.

Some customers have complained that, while the plastic used to make these bottles is lightweight. It is also quite thin.

Dr. Brown’s Anti-Colic Bottle Options+

Dr. Brown has a well-deserved reputation for producing the best anti-colic bottle. The little odd-looking green vent system inside the bottle can be fiddly (and another piece to put together when you’re half asleep), but we can attest that it works for many parents. If you believe your baby has outgrown the risk of colic, you can use the bottle without the vent. Individually, these bottles are on the pricey side (you can save money by purchasing them in packs of four) – or be wary of them leaking, which can be caused by the valve when warming them up.

MAM Anti-Colic Self-Sterilizing Bottle

We like this popular MAM baby bottle because it is simple to sterilize. After cleaning, the bottle breaks down into four pieces, making it simple to fix in the microwave for three minutes. You can use a sterilizer instead, but this method is ideal to avoid that piece of equipment and save kitchen counter space. The bottle is also vented at the base, which is thought to result in less air being swallowed (which means less colic and hopefully more sleep for you!).

MAM Anti-Colic Bottle

These MAM baby bottles come in five colors, each with an animal graphic to make feeding time more enjoyable. These bottles, which come in a set of three, have a unique vented base design that slowly releases liquid to relieve colic and reduce reflux in babies. The nipple has an anti-slip texture and a shape that mimics the mom’s smooth transition from breast to bottle. MAM bottles also self-sterilize in the microwave, ensuring a simple clean-up and a safe feeding experience.

Bottles for Nuby Combat Colic

Most bottles attempt to mimic the breast. The Nuby Baby Bottles are no exception – except that they guarantee that your baby will be able to use them. If your baby refuses the bottle, you can return it for a refund within 24 weeks of purchase (check on the packaging for the latest guarantee details). If you’re worried about making the switch, that’s great peace of mind. We think anything that causes you to feel better is worth a shot.

Breast Milk Bottle Medela

Medela’s bottles are the best option. If you primarily feed your baby breast milk. They’re simple to attach to their manual and electric pumps. So they’re great for stashing food in the fridge or freezer. It’s also worth double-checking what your chosen baby bottles come with, as some don’t include teats or only come with one.

Natural Feel Baby Bottle by Comotomo

This bottle isn’t for everyone because it’s the most expensive, but it has two unique features that you won’t find anywhere else. For starters, it’s so simple to clean that you don’t even need a bottle brush. Second, it is currently the only soft and squeezable bottle available, simulating the entire breastfeeding experience.

PopYum Anti-Colic Baby Bottle, 9 oz

These PopYum bottles are praised for their innovative design, separating formula and water in the bottle’s chambers. The elements are mixed with the push of a button, and after a few shakes, the baby’s bottle is ready to go. These bottles have won awards from various parenting publications and websites for their unique or innovative design and ease of use. These bottles have accurate measurement markings and venting technology and only five parts for easy assembly and cleaning.

Some customers claim that this bottle takes a long time to dry after washing. They are taking you on the go because you can mix the formula when the baby is hungry rather than before you leave the house, which increases the risk of the formula spoiling before a baby has a chance to eat.

NUK First Choice Plus Temperature Controlled Baby Bottle

NUK bottles were already among the best for breastfed babies, and with this innovative addition, they’ve stepped up even more. When you’re up late with a baby who only wants warm milk and has to make up the formula with boiling water, you want to make sure it’s sufficiently cooled – and this color-changing technology is ideal for the job. If the temperature is too high, the display will turn white, and it will turn blue if it is too low.

Breastmilk Bottles for Nanobébé

This eye-catching breast-shaped bottle may appear to be a gimmick, but it’s not. Because of its shape or increased surface area, it cools quickly, reducing bacterial growth, and warms quickly to optimum temperatures that do not harm the nutrients in breastmilk. It is also easier for younger babies to grip, which means they might be able to self-feed sooner than most (here’s hoping!). While you are most likely preoccupied with taking care of the baby, it is also critical that you care for yourself!

Potato Baby Bottles In Glass

POTATO glass baby bottles are very simple and stylish, with an aesthetically pleasing design that appeals to contemporary parents everywhere. These bottles, available in pink and blue, are made of thick, high-quality glass and feature a slow-flow silicone nipple invented to encourage an effective latch. And these bottles also have an anti-colic valve to prevent air bubbles from causing gas or colic. These bottles are easy to clean due to their wide neck and shallow base, and customers report that they are durable and convenient to use on the go.

These bottles only hold 2.5 ounces, making them a better choice for newborns. Newborns because the bottle size and nipple flow are specifically designed with brand new babies in mind.


What is the best baby bottle shape?

Baby bottles come in various shapes or sizes, and their preferences and habits determine the best one for your baby. Straight baby bottles are easier for babies to grasp. But these bottles are to keep babies from swallowing too many air bubbles. Bottles with a wide neck are to simulate breastfeeding and eliminate nipple confusion. Wide-neck bottles are also easier to clean because sponges and brooms can reach inside.

How do I know what size nipple to get?

Bottle nipples are general in a variety of sizes and flow rates. Slower flow rate nipples have smaller holes, which prevents too much milk from coming out, and are for younger babies. As babies grow in size and strength and become more accustomed to drinking from bottles, they will require nipples with a higher flow rate. If the baby is sucking too hard or appears frustrated while drinking, she is ready to size up. Alternately, if the baby makes a guzzling sound or immediately spits out the milk she’s drinking, you can tell she needs to size down to a slower flow nipple.

How big should my baby bottles be?

Bottles are frequently available in 4-ounce or 9-ounce sizes. Your baby will require more milk as he grows to fill his growing tummy. Shorter bottles will provide enough milk for each feeding time for younger babies.

How can you know my baby is drinking from the correct bottle?

If your baby is particularly fussy during feedings or refuses a bottle even when hungry. Tt may be worthwhile to try a different bottle. It can be difficult to understand why some babies prefer one bottle over another. But paying attention to certain cues can help. For example, if your child isn’t getting enough milk from the bottle, it might be worth experimenting with a different size nipple. If your baby suffers from colic or digestive problems, it may be worth switching to a bottle with more advanced venting technology. Try a bottle with a nipple designed to mimic mom for babies who prefer the breast to the bottle.


Baby bottles are a very common product during for the first year of parenthood. With so many different designs, shapes, or sizes to choose from, it can be not easy to know which bottle is good for your baby. Size, shape, and venting technology are important factors to consider when purchasing a baby bottle. When your baby suffers from colic, selecting a bottle with features that prevent air from entering the baby’s tummy is critical. Choose a bottle with a smaller nipple and a slower flow rate if you have a newborn. Once you’ve found a bottle that works for both you and your baby, relax and enjoy the special bond that feeding time provides – it’ll be over before you know it!

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