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Amazing Wedding Cake

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An amazing wedding cake is like the cherry on top of a wedding party. It is no doubt that the second thing the guests would look at in a wedding venue after the beautiful bride, is the amazing wedding cake. A wedding cake is more than just a cake. Although it is a symbol, a tradition, a decoration. Moreover, the size of a wedding cake could show your wealth, prestige, or social status.

Of course, everyone wants a perfect, amazing wedding cake to cut and share on D-day. But it comes with a cost, a big cost because it is not cheap to order an amazing wedding cake even from a small cake and bakery shop around the corner. Therefore, in order to make an amazing wedding cake, the baker and the cake decorator have to be extra careful and neat in doing their jobs, and of course, they have to be able to project what you want in your wedding cake. Also, one thing you should remember is that the wedding cake should match the wedding concept as a whole.

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Three Important Things of an Amazing Wedding Cake

The first important aspect of an Amazing Wedding Cake is the Design

The first thing on the list to think of in getting an amazing wedding cake is the design. How about the bride and groom figurines on top of the cake? And let’s not forget about the color and shape of the cake as well. But let’s all admit it, a simple white traditional three-tiered cake would not make an amazing wedding cake. However. it makes everyone’s eyes pop and mouths wide in ‘awe’.

You should discuss and consult your dream wedding cake with the person in charge. Perhaps a wedding cake that projects a nice combination of the bride and the groom’s hobbies? Favorite places or color? You could design your wedding cake into literally everything. A castle in Venice, your lovely pets, an ocean full of sea creatures, a mermaid princess, and a merman prince. A dummy like a doll or a picture could help the projection of the amazing wedding cake to be as close as possible to the real thing.

The frosting is the second thing you need

The next thing to get in a cake is the frosting; buttercream, fondant, icing, or marzipan? Buttercream is the most common frosting to be used, but it could melt easily especially if you are holding the wedding outside. The sun and even the breeze of the wind have to be calculated first before putting a frosted wedding cake in the middle of a flower garden or even a beach. Therefore, you would not want the weather to ruin your, would you?

Having unique and beautiful details

Little things like the patterns or swirls of the frosting, the garnishes around the cake like little edible flowers or pearls or glitter, the flavors, and the number of tiers. Moreover, they are all important details to watch out for in a cake. Make sure you do not miss a single thing.

Ain’t got no ideas of any wedding cake to project? Watch some TV! There are various TV shows about wedding cakes on some channels. Here are some great suggestions for you to watch:

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Go get your dream comes true in the form of a wedding cake!

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