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All you need to know about new hairstyle

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Everyone wants to look beautiful, it is a natural longing and no one can resist it. Some people are born beautiful, their glamour is not dependent on cosmetics and fashionable accessories but still they, at some point in their life, need to step their foot in the world of fashion. In the fashion industry also, celebrities try different styles to look cool.

They wear expensive outfits, test unique styling tools, and above all acquire the services of fashion designers and wardrobe stylists. Seldom do people get a chance to stand out from the crowd? They win hearts wherever they go with their unique appearance. It is not always necessary that these people are supported by luck and backed by their charisma.

As of matter of fact, they know which style fits their body shape and don’t hesitate in trying new things.

When it comes to lifestyle, how can someone ignore the charm of stylesexyhair? It is equally important for young girls and women of all ages to give due importance to their hair more than anything else.

If you are looking for the perfect styles for your hair, keep reading the article.

Before anything else, you need to know your exact face shape, although you can change the styles of your hair the perfect look depends upon your face shape. So, here is a quick guide on how you can look stylish with the new hairstyle that is in line with your face shape.


new Hair Styles with Different Face Shapes

Diamond Face Shape

The diamond face shape has a very pointed chin and a very sharp jawline. The forehead is narrower like upward to up point and the cheekbone structure is high giving you an angular look so everything is in angles that’s why the shape is called a diamond.

Compatible new Hairstyle

With this face shape, you should go for a rounded and bouncy haircut but not an angular A-line bob. A few chunks around the cheeks can help you maintain the balance of higher cheeks bone. You can also try long hair but with layers at the bottom of the hair instead of face-framing layers.


Oval Face Shape

Whenever you go for a haircut, the hairstylist always looks out that your face shape is made as oval as possible because generally in hairstyling, an oval face shape is always considered the most feminine and perfect hairstyle match. It is also considered very easy for styling as every hairstyle suits this shape of a face. An oval face is pretty balanced and has an oval shape that lacks edgy and sharp features.

Compatible new stylesexyhair

Every haircut suits the oval face shape even if you have flat one-length hair or you have layers or bands. One-length hair suits an oval face shape very well. You can have a few big chunks of hair in between.


Round Face Shape

It is a pretty simple face shape more like a round than an oval. Now oval and round face shapes are similar in their characteristics and it becomes sometimes difficult to point out which one is oval and which is round. Both of the face shapes don’t have edgy and angular structures around them. One significant difference between oval and round face shapes is that in round face shapes the cheeks are wider than making the shape around one. In an oval face shape, your forehead and the jawline are wider parts.

Compatible new Hairstyle

On a round face shape, the one-length hair and bob cut will not perfectly suit as it will give the shape an even rounder look. People with round face shapes should go for face-framing layers, especially around the cheekbones and the jawline. It will give the face an oval look and the hairstyle would be stunning.


Squire Face Shape

The squire face shape is considered more towards the masculine and less feminine side because it has a lot of edges. The width of the forehead is similar to the width of the jaw but the jaw is also very sharp and edgy same are the cheekbones, that is to say, they are high and edgy.

Compatible new Hairstyle

Since the face is already edgy and has a very prominent jawline so to make it softer and feminine, go for soft bangs of hair and try to have a little bit longer hair with some layers to add volume. It will give you a very charming appearance.

Oblong Face Shape

An oblong face shape is a sort of an oval face shape but longer. The face is oval, the most prominent feature of the oblong face shape is that it is rounded from the edges but the chin is sharp whereas in an oval face shape forehead and the jawline can be wider. While the oblong has a very pointed chin.

Compatible new Hairstyle

As the oblong face is already long, the length of the hair should not be that long. You should have hair just below the chin or up to the shoulders. It will bring back attention to your stunning hairstyle instead of your long face shape. You can also try a poofy hairstyle to add volume to the mid-half of your face. You should avoid long hair and also face-framing layers.


Heart Face Shape

This face shape is a favorite of most people and it looks more like a heart. It has a pretty dense and flat kind of forehead, cheeks are little but narrower, and the chin comes toward a pretty point giving the face a heart-like shape. Its features are stunning it has a stunning jawline and very cute cheekbones.

Compatible new Hairstyle

For people having a heart face shape, it is always advisable that they should go for an A-line bob. If you don’t like an A-line bob, you may also go for longer layers but not straight long. You should try adding layers to your long hair. The long layered hair with a heart face shape gives an extremely gorgeous look.

You can identify your face shape by taking a selfie by placing the camera right in front of your face or simply standing in front of the mirror and trying to figure out what is the width and length of your face observing yourself very keenly.


How to take care of your hair

Cleaning and making oil-free

Your hair is prone to dust that can harm the roots of the hair. The scalp may become dusty if you don’t wash your hair regularly. So, make sure that you wash and clean your hair with perfect frequency. If your hair is oily, you need to remove extra oil to protect them from damage. For removing oil from your hair, you can also apply a little bit of baby powder to your hair and massage them properly.

Avoid chemical shampoos

Different types of chemicals are present in the shampoos readily available in the markets. These chemicals weaken your hair and damage becomes irreversible if you don’t pay attention to your hair at the right time. Always try to apply chemical-free shampoo for lasting beauty and strength.

Dry your hair properly before going out

If you leave your home hurriedly after taking a shower not giving enough time for your hair to dry, it would be disastrous for you. You can try drier but the best practice is to dry them naturally. Whatever method you prefer to dry your hair, use it but make sure not to go out with wet hair because it will absorb unnoticeable dust and pollution present in the atmosphere.

Choose your conditioner wisely

The conditioner protects the hair from environmental factors including heating and other aggressors. The conditioner contains the ingredients that are necessary for damage control. Make a prudent choice when you buy a new conditioner. But be extra cautious while applying conditioner, apply it only on the tips of the hair and not on the scalp. Also, rinse and clean hair properly after application of the conditioner.

Apply the right oil if you need to

Applying oil to your hair becomes sometimes necessary especially if the hair is overly dry and rough. Application of oil and massaging before shampooing and washing make the hair smooth and silky when you clean them after proper conditioning. The oil massage improves blood circulation, helps relax the muscles, and nourishes the hair. Choosing the right oil is as necessary as choosing the right shampoo or conditioner. In winter, try to use a little bit of warm oil and cover your head with a towel so that the oil works on the hair properly and absorbs correctly. But, after an hour don’t forget to wash and remove the oil.

Always use a wide-tooth comb

A comb sometimes breaks your hair and creates an imbalance in the hair layers. When your hair is dry and rough, never use a hard comb but try to make them soother and a little bit silkier. For this purpose, you can apply some oil and cover your head as mentioned above. After that, cleanse your hair and then comb them. Use a wide-toothed comb as it would prevent hair from breaking.

Get trimmed your hair by a professional

Sometimes when you are just getting ready for a party or any other festival, you try to trim your hair by yourself to give your hair a new look. In most cases, your absurd decision brings great damage to your hair. A very short-term gain, trying to look cool in this case, carries a long-term loss for you. So, always get your hair trimmed by a professional. Trimming makes the hair grow healthier and smoother.

Don’t expose too much to the sun; wear a hat instead

Exposure to the sun may hit your hair hard. Avoid exposing your hair to heat and always use a hat or cap before going out under the naked sun. Severe sun rays may remove the moisture and burn the natural shine making your hair drier and rough.

New Hairstyle

Have a healthy diets

A healthy diet not only makes perfect skin and body but also makes your hair grow healthier and faster. The proteins and amino acids are the ingredients of your hair and consuming more proteins mean adding natural beauty to your hair. Avoid having too much acidic and junk food, instead eat green leafy vegetables and sweet potatoes.


New Hairstyles can be tried, made, and changed in a variety of ways. If you are a super sociable person, you need to look outstandingly charming and gorgeous. At parties and functions, people, first of all, notice your hairstyle so taking care of your hair and always looking beautiful comes with a price. The price of beauty is being extra conscious of your body shape and your diet plan.

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