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About Us

Who Are We?

We’re a team of ambitious and hardworking persons, trying to figure out the best ways to serve people with Best-in-class services and excellent quality hair appliances. 

We started Pink Beauty, and specifically dedicated it to the hair styling range. As we’ve noticed there are numerous websites, selling thousands of kinds of stuff. And the result? Commonly, such websites can’t afford to pay attention to the quality of each thing and stuff. 

For this reason, we wanted to introduce a website in the market that is related and specialized in one kind of stuff. We’re hoping for the best and only best experience for our customers.

What Pink Beauty Means?

Pink Beauty defines the term: Feel The Beauty Within You. Some people prefer natural beauty, while some belief in grooming and enhancing their beauty.

But, don't you think beauty comes from strong confidence? Pink beauty firmly believes that confidence is the primary aspect when it comes to feeling like the most beautiful person in the world.
And hair is the major part of beauty, luminous and thick hair hatches all the attention and makes you the star of the party. Styling hair is pure art and with our highly recommended styling tools, you'll be the master of this art within no time. Wanna know the reason? Our website is selling hair styling tools that are super easy to handle and smart enough to do all the work.

Mission Of Pink Beauty

Our biggest mission is to provide a customer-friendly online shopping platform with an innovative approach. We’ve designed this website for the sole easiness of online visitors, quick search and immediate response aids the website to help customers more beneficially.

The procedure to order is minimalist and simple, exactly when any customer faces any kind of problem, our 24/7 reliable customer support gets back to it immediately with no hassle. Pink beauty prioritizes branding over profit. You’ll have high-key hair styling products at a reasonable rate and our return policy extensibility is over 30 Days. Sounds tempting? And that too you can do within some simple steps.

Moreover, the refund policy has also been supported with hectic-free procedures. And that’s not even enough for us. We are constantly working day and night on making your buying experience better and better.

Our Values

●   Strong Customer Commitment

Committing to the customers and always making sure that everything is in perfect order from them. If anyone wants to last longer in the business world, the very first secret is holding an outstanding commitment to customers because they’ll get you to the top of the business successfully. A happy customer is the secret of all existing renowned businesses, and we know this secret pretty well.

●   Uprightness

With the growing digital industry, we face some good and some worst parts of this workplace. Few people are interested in creating positive and happy changes to make the world a better place. The only priority is profit and only profit, Pink Beauty team is doing its best to bring change to the concept by selling and delivering authentic products on its website.


Future Plans

Ever heard the phrase: The future of the future is in the present? Because all you have is present, but to ensure that you’re in the right direction, everyone needs a strong future vision. Our plans for this website are all about introducing more and more hair styling tools. You’ll find trendy and good quality hair products, plus we might get a haircare range on Pink Beauty soon.

Let’s see what the future holds for us, but let us tell you we’re all very excited to welcome the better new.

What Do We Promise To The World?

Environmental problems are more than real. And it’s a genuine need to come forward and accept the responsibility to make pleasant changes in the environment. As an owner and team leader, I promise to the world that I and my team will take measures to reduce plastic waste and make the whole business procedure as environmentally friendly as we can.

What We Promise To Our Customers

We want our potential customers to know that from the beginning, Pink Beauty always has a solid vision to support and serve its customers at all costs. When you order on the website, we accept our responsibility to deliver the patch of happiness to your door with proper safety. In case you get a damaged parcel, we’ll replace the product with the help of our 30-Days Return Policy.

We also have a refund policy, if you don’t like the parcel and want your money back. No worries, we’ve got you. Contact our customer support and let them know.

What We Offer

As a brand, our major offerings are the base and vision of the company.

Best Prices

We offer excellent quality hair tools at the best prices. Genuine products and that too at discounted or reasonable prices, you will get a pocket-friendly shopping experience on Pink Beauty.

Digital Payment Methods

Digitalization does extremely well in the business’s growth, and digital payment has been creating positive aspects in the online world. Pink Beauty is presenting several payment methods, including Paypal, VISA, and MasterCard.

Quick Delivery

The hard part about getting things online is late deliveries. We understand the pain and that’s why we came up with possible fast deliveries. To help you in getting your hands on exciting hair styling tools as soon as possible, Pink Beauty is working throughout the complete way.

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