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12 Types of Hair Brushes | What Kind of Brush Do You Use?

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Did you ever think? how many types of hair brushes do you use? if didn’t, start thinking as it matters to an impactful extent.

Haircare is very important not only for your appearance but also for your overall health. Hair reflects your personality and enhances your beauty. Good hair will give you confidence and make you look like a professional.


Since human hair is more prone to breakage we must be careful to handle them. Despite the health problems, there are many reasons for hair fall that can be avoided by several habits of good haircare. And the most important reason is being unaware of different types of brushes and their proper use.

Here is a useful guide on different types of brushes and how to use them.


Vented hairbrush:

  • A vented brush is best for blow-drying and detangling hair.
  • It can reduce static during blow-drying.
  • It makes your hair flowy and adds volumes to your hair.
  • Using this brush you don’t get tugs and pulls that you get from a lot of other brushes.
  • It is easy and comfortable to use.
  • It has openings and spaces between the bristles that allow air to pass while brushing and styling.

Paddle hairbrush:

  • A paddle hairbrush is a great option for people with long, thick, and straight hair.
  • The product is designed to reduce the breakage of hairs and make you feel incredible on your scalp.
  • It feels good in your hands because of its soft handle.
  • This one is a flat, wide, and rectangular surface allowing it to cover a lot of hairs quickly while smoothing them.
  • The paddle hairbrush is designed with bristles with round ball tips at the end that makes it best to use for messaging the scalp.


Rat-tail comb:

  • A rat-tail comb is the hairbrush type that is specially designed for sectioning, parting, and styling the hair.
  • Its sectioning tool is named after the rat tail because of its long and skinny end that looks like a tail.
  • It parts your hair in a very clean and precise manner.

Round hairbrush:

  • Round hairbrushes are a great choice for blowouts and styling hairs.
  • They help tame frizzy hair and enhance shine.
  • With a circular or iconic barrel, it heats up easily and provides more control.
  • These brushes are ideal for creating customizable volume, curls, and waves.
  • The brushes can also give you a lot of curling benefits depending on what size you go with i.e; a smaller one will give you a lot of curls and a medium-size one will give you fewer curls.


Detangling hairbrush:

  • Detangling hair brushes are used for all hair types.
  • These brushes are specifically designed to release tangles of wet and dry hairs.
  • Its bristles perfectly work through tough knots instead of ripping hairs apart.
  • Helps to minimize the damage while brushing wet hairs.

Teasing brushesTeasing Hairbrush:

  • These are best for all hair types.
  • As the name implies, these brushes tease your hair by fluffing it up and creating textures for styling and updos.
  • These brushes are perfectly designed to give lift and volume to your hairs, creating an illusion of thick hairs.
  • Think over to use it if you have fragile hairs.


Wide Tooth Comb:

  • A wide-tooth comb is one of those few types of hair brushes that are used for all hair types.
  • This is a perfect choice for those with thick, tangled, or curly hairs.
  • A wide-tooth comb is preferred use for wet hairs because of its wide tooth that allows large amounts of hairs to pass through and detangle them.
  • It has wide spaces between the teeth that pass through your hairs more gently than the bristles of the brush.
  • This is also very functional for separating curly hairs.

Loop Brush:

  • A Loop brush is used for all hair types.
  • This brush is the finest to use for hair extensions as well as natural hairs.
  • Its nylon bristles help to detangle and smooth out the hairs without tearing the hairs.
  • This one won’t cause any damage to your hair wefts prolonging the life span of your set.

Barbour combBarber Comb:

  • The Barber comb is specifically for barbers to cut and trim hairs using the ‘clipper-over-comb’ technique.
  • They mostly come with scissors.
  • They come in two designs one the wide-tooth and the other fine-tooth designs.
  • They are available in simple design too which keeps your scalp from being bad.
  • Along with serving as trimmers they also make your hair healthy and clean.

Shower Hairbrush:

  • As the name depicts, the shower brush in the shower to brush.
  • With soft silicone bristles, it perfectly exfoliates dead skin on the scalp.
  • It acts as a soft silicone scalp massager and makes your hairs healthy increasing their blood circulation.
  • Many have a hooked bottom for easy hanging off in toiletry cases in your washrooms.
  • It is a very gentle brush that causes no damage and breakage to your hair and is for sopping wet hairs.

Nylon Bristle Brush:

  • The bristles it contains, make hairs smooth and shiny.
  • Its nylon pins massage the scalp and detangle fine, normal, and thick hairs.
  • Nylon brush promotes healthy hair by producing natural oils from the scalp.
  • This one is of a synthetic material that releases negative ions for shiny and healthy hairs.
  • The brush is mainly a part to detangle the thick hairs.


Boar Bristle Brush:

  • This brush is perfect to help smooth the cuticle because the cuticle creates tangles and tangles that lead to hair breakage.
  • This brush is the perfect solution for people with all hair types.
  • It balances your scalp oil production by redistributing the natural and healthy oils in the scalp.
  • These brushes are great to use because of their soft bristles that glide evenly through the hairs and prevent hair breakage and frizz.
  • It improves the texture of your hair and gives them a shiny appearance.

How to choose the right one from all types of hair brushes?

Always choose a brush based on the type of your hair. It’s very important to know which hairbrush type suits the texture and length of your hair.

Best brush type for long hairs

If you have long hair, a paddle brush is ideal to use because it covers a large ground and works very smoothly. These brushes work very efficiently and evenly distribute the oil. A paddle brush with a rubber cushion works decently for straight and long hairs.


The best type of brush for thick hair

For thick and dense hairs, a paddle brush with boars and nylon bristles is a great choice. These nylon pins and bristles glide quickly through thicker and coarser hairs. Most importantly, this brush increases shine by distributing natural oils.

Best hairbrush for curly/wavy hair

According to hair experts, if you have curly hair then use the hairbrush sparsely. Prefer to use fingers for making styles. Detangling brushes can work well for curly hairs. Use a wide-toothed comb in wet hairs, it will help to prevent frizz and breakage.

Best hairbrush type for fine hair

Fine hairs are small in diameter than thick hairs and thus prone to breakage and tangles. So it’s very important to choose the right brush for such texture. An extra-soft boars’ bristle is best for fine hairs because it’s very gentle to use on the scalp and makes hairs shiny. In addition, it has a bristle that detangles hairs without tearing them.

The best type of brush for frizzy hair

If you have frizzy hair, around and paddle brush can be good for your hair because it adds volume to your hair. To detangle hairs gently, a soft brush with boar bristles and nylon pins can meet your demands.

Best hairbrush for thinning hair

Thin-haired people may prefer to use a soft bristle brush because it’s soft and won’t tug your hair. You can use synthetic bristle over natural bristle brush to maintain the delicacy of hairs. Avoid using any brush for wet hairs as they are more prone to breakage.

types of hair brushesBest hairbrush for thinning hair

Thin-haired people may prefer to use a soft bristle brush because it’s soft and won’t tug your hair. You can use synthetic bristle over natural bristle brush to maintain the delicacy of hairs. Avoid using any brush for wet hairs as they are more prone to breakage.

Benefits of brushing:

A good brush not only detangles your hair but also makes different hairstyles. Here are a few benefits of brushing your hair:

  • Brushing acts as lubrication and makes your hair more healthy and shiny.
  • Brushing properly massages your scalp and increases blood circulation.
  • According to experts, when you brush your hair daily it helps to reduce hair fall.
  • With brushing, you will get rid of impurities, dandruff, and dry skin on your scalp.

Some brushing tips

The act of brushing is very necessary along with the selection of the right brush. The act of brushing may vary depending on the size, texture, and length of your hair.

Avoid over-brushing your hairs

If you believe in a myth that brushing your hair a hundred times a day makes your hair shiny, then it’s invalid. In fact, according to researchers, hair loss reduces when you brush your hair less frequently. Over-brushing leads to breakage and damage to your hair. Professionals recommend combing your hair twice a day. Because it’s a healthy way to distribute hair natural oils evenly on your scalp.

types of hair brushesHow to brush curly hairs

When it comes to brushing curly hairs, use your hands as your best tool. First, put some conditioner or moisturizer on your fingers, and then gently remove tangles and knots with your hands. A paddle brush can also be used for the same procedure. Furthermore, avoid brushing your hair vigorously.

How to brush straight hairs

People who have straight hair need extra care and heedfulness. Always start brushing at mid-hairs or a few inches from ends because when you brush your hair gently at the bottom, your knots remove easily. Use a paddle brush or boar bristle to remove tangles, once they are out you can do a full swoop.

How to brush wet hairs

Wet hairs are more delicate and prone to breakage than dry hairs. If you are impatient to comb wet hairs then follow these instructions.

  • Instead of brushing through sopping wet hairs, first, dry your hair with a microfiber towel.
  • Try different detangling hair sprays to smooth hair strands.
  • Use a wide-toothed comb on your ends of hairs first and then start combing down all through the hairs.

How to brush dry hairs

When comes to dry hairs, they have more tendency to get tangled and messy. But they are less prone to damage than wet hairs. Here are a few tips to brush dry hair.

  • Grab a paddle brush for this purpose.
  • Start brushing your hair at the mid-section.
  • First, remove all the tangles from the hair.
  • Then continue moving brush along the entire length. Be gentle and slow.

types of hair brushesConclusion types of hair brushes

For the good health and appearance of your hair, it’s very necessary to have a good hairbrush. It all lies in the choice of the right hairbrush; choosing the right hairbrush will have an impressive result on your hair.

All of your professional hair styling tools can be ruined if you are using the wrong types of hair brushes for hairstyling. It can ruin your style and hair health as well. So be attentive while choosing the hair brushes.

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