06 Hairstyling Tools for Newbies | A Composed Guideline

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All of us are aesthetes and look for the beauty around us. When it comes to fashion, we are enthusiastic about our looks. This leads to a competition of styling skills. Girls with fine styling skills always have favour in terms of beauty.  If you are thinking to start a salon as a newbie, don’t forget to try these hairstyling tools for newbies.

All of these are simple and easy to use so you can excel your styling skills to the next level. So without any further ado, let’s get started!

Women with hairstyling tools

01: Hair Towels

It is always a natural phenomenon that we learn gradually, from simple to complex. Before considering electricity-based tools for your styling journey, don’t forget to have some of the simple tools.

Initially, you need professional, standard and safe-to-use hair towels. It will decrease the risk and dry the hair organically. It will affect your hair health positively. The hairstyling market is full of towels of various types based on the needs and conditions of customers.

There are several factors to consider when it comes to the selection of hair towels:


  • Keep in mind that your hair should remain safe while using the towel.
  • Some towels are made up of cheap fibres and result in hair damage.

Softness, Effectiveness and absorption:

  • As mentioned above, safety is priority. In styling, safety lies in softness. Your towel must be made up of soft fibres.
  • Effectiveness means how much it affects the hair while using and what are the main changes that happen after using it.
  • The third factor is absorption which counts how much water is absorbed in a unit of time. It should absorb at least 80% of water when the make-up is finished.


  • Be careful while selecting the towels. Buy the towels which are lightweight and medium-length.
  • Heavy towels can result in neck pain and will affect your performance as a stylist.

Usage variety:

  • It means what are the types of hair for which you can use;  wavy, curly or straight.
Women with hair towel
Use the hair towel and keep your hair safe

02- Brushes; Critical hairstyling tools

Brushes are the second most important thing when it comes to beautifying your hair. Most of us ignore the types of brushes we are used to. Wrong brushes make our hair damaged and weak which results in a wreck.

Keep an eye on your own or your customer’s hair types. Look for a proper hairbrush for each hair type. There are some important aspects to consider while buying your hairbrushes. These are given as:


  •  Be conscious about the hair type and the hairbrush design. It is going to affect your hair immensely.


  • Safety should be the top-notch priority while buying your brush.
  • Avoid brushes with hard fibres that may cause skin damage.
  • It should consist of smooth and soft strands.


  • Use lightweight brushes to reduce the chances of tiresome while using them. Prefer to use wooden brushes as they are long-lasting and safe to use.

Comfy to hold:

  • Be clear about the comfort as you have to work for hours as a stylist.
  • Prefer smooth and round brushes so that they may not irritate you.

Hair brushes

Types of hairbrushes you can choose from:

  • Round brush
  • Curved brush
  • Paddle brush
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Straightening brush
  • Hair detangler brush

All of the brushes above have their own benefits, usages and limitations. Select the brushes based on hair type and hair health of the user.

03- Shears:

After towels and brushes , third one accessories are shears. Shears are also one of the neglected items when it comes to hairstyling. Most of the hairstylists post no glance at the variety of shears they are using them. Along with the fact that having a grip over shears use is a great skill in hairstyling.

Here are some things to remember when it comes to selection of the shears:

Appropriate handle:

  • There are three main types of handles when it comes to using shears;
    1. Opposing grip shears
    2. Offset handles
    3. Crane handle shears
  • Types of hair and the hairstyle let you decide that what kind of handle of shear you are going to use along with other hairstyling tools.
  • It makes you skilful and sharp in creating beautiful, catchy and delicate hairstyles.

Select a authentic seller:

  • Look for the sellers who are well established and good at producing verified raw materials for generating the safe to use shears.

Be careful about the blades in your tools:

  • Blades are very important stuff to look when it comes to edges and cuts while shaving the hair delicately.
  • Shape of the blade decides the cut design.

Types of shears:

  • All purpose shear to use while shaving all kinds of hair from thin to thick, short to long.
    • Offers a variety of usage.
  • Blending shear to create delicate designs and textures. It allows you to create:
    • Thin and soft shaves and styles
    • Producing textures and designs
    • Roughing and trimming the hair

04- Hair straighteners:

People with curly and wavy hair struggle a lot for their complex hair for beautiful hairstyles. Having a suitable straightener can make your job a lot easier. Your hairstyling can be worth experiencing when it comes to the adept use of hair straightener.

The job of a straightener is not yet finished, it offers a proper look for the people who are struggling in terms of theme-based looks. Straighteners can prove to be one of the most effective hairstyling tools for your salon.

All you need to know about hair straighteners is given below while searching for your next hair straightener:


  • It seems weird but yes, you have to keep an eye on the shape of your straightener as it affects your performance while working.

Plate width:

  • Plates offer the space of application on the hair.
  • Thick hair demands wider plates to ensure proper heating of the tool and drying the hair properly.
  • If your hair is thin, processed and fine, prefer to use a hair straightener with narrow and short plates.


  • The higher the temperature, the higher will be the process of straightening the hair. It will take less time and more effective, less controlled straightening of your hair.
  • The lower the temperature, the lower will be the risk of uncontrolled straightening. It is used for thin, fine and processed hair.
  • If your hair is strong, thick and healthy, you can use high temperature for the job.
  • In case of thin and unhealthy hair, consider using less temperature.

Be careful about sizzle:

  • Sizzle is the hissing sound while using a straightener tool. Avoid buying the straighteners with hissing more than the limit.

05- Blow Dryers:

As the name of the product is revealing, it is used to dry the hair as well as style them alongside. The product offers more than a common hair dryer and other hairstyling tools. One of other features is that it changes the shape of the hair and makes them smooth after usage.

It also adds value to the volume of your hair by its technology and design. Here are some important notes that you should keep in mind while picking your next dryer:


  • The more the weight, the more the effort which can result into malfunctioning for your project.
  • Also light-weighted dryers offer more usage than that of heavier ones.

Don’t forget to use diffuser:

  • While using blow dryer, the use of diffuser will help you to make the hot air diffused.
  • It will reduce the chances of hair damage and also makes the dryer safe to use.

Bring your concentrator:

  • A concentrator directs the hot air flow to a concentrated area.
  • This is used to style complicated and sharp hairstyle.

Hair blower used by a lady

06- Curling Irons:

If you are a fond of curly, semi curly or wavy hair, you must use curling irons. If not, you should use for your next invitation to secure a good and classy look that may surprise whole of the flock. Different kinds of irons are used for different kinds of curls. This will lead you to a themed look that may be the best investment for your next party.

Some of the basic points to keep in ming while searching for curling irons in the market are given below:

Shape of the coils/barrels:

  • Shape of your coils and barrels plays a great role in styling when it comes to curling the hair. Short diameter coils offer narrower curves and curls.
  • Large coils result in making the open curls and wavy hairstyles.

Barrel heating speed:

  • Barrel heating speed means how fast your coils get heated.
  • It is easier and precise when the speed is controlled. You can create beautiful styles if your curling irons have standard heating speed.

Interchangable barrels:

  • Having options of variety in barrels makes it easier for you to style according to customer’s choice and need.
  • You can just change your barrels in the same curling irons to create various

Variable heat settings:

  • Controling the measure of heat is one of the most complicated functions when it comes to curling the hair.
  • Look for irons that offer a variety of  hairstyling by optimizable heat settings.

Stylist using culing irons

Major types of curling irons:

  • Spring curling irons to have grip over the heat and the shape of the curls.
  • Clipless curling irons offer smooth and silky curls without  crimps or creases.
  • Cordless curling irons does not need power output and does not need any battery.
  • Marcels curling  irons for easy rolling capability and consistent curls.

Bottom line:

At the end of the debate, we have to conclude that hairstyling is interesting as well as creative and innovative for newbies. It is a great experience to style the beautiful hair of different sizes, styles, textures and lengths. You can start hairstyling by using basic tools properly in a delicate manner.

Your skills depend upon different factors and aspects which play an important role in establishing a sustainable career. Hairstyling tools are the aspect that is mostly neglected when it comes to start your salon.

They keypoints are as:

  • Keep proper usage oriented hair towels for safe and composed results.
  • Select the brushes and combs according to the needs of hair and styles.
  • Hair straighteners and blow dryers are another factor to mention so keep an eye on selection of proper ones according to need of hair and shape.

Select proper tools, keep practicing and have your skill on next level.

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